Which are the best Toy Tools to Buy?

There are two tool toys from Fisher Price which are recommended most as no.1 and no.2 below. Both these toys are based on 'Handy Manny' which is a children's television program by Disney in USA. Manny is the main character in the program who owns a repair shop along with his seven talking tools. The tools were designed to have faces like humans and they can speak in the television program. The same seven tools along with the tool box and the Manny figure have been depicted in these tool toys from Fisher Price. You should buy both together for added fun. No.1 is basically a Manny Figure with the seven tools. Fix different tools on various body parts of the Manny Figure to generate different Manny sounds and phrases in English and in Spanish. There are total 25 phrases that will come out. Also press the buckle of the Manny's belt and some sayings will come out. No.2 below is the Handy Manny toolbox along with all the seven tools. The main specialty of this toy is that all the tools will start dancing and singing once the button on the toolbox is pressed and this creates great excitement among the children. Both these toys are great if your child is a great fan of Handy Manny Show. Batteries are required and included.

1) Fisher-Price Handy Manny Let's Get to Work Manny Figure
2) Handy Manny Talkin Toolbox

Another magnificent tool toy is no.3 as below which involves a real working drill machine to tighten and also to unscrew the screws just by flicking a switch in the drill machine. The screws are inserted into the holes on the toolbox supplied and this is actually done by the drilling machine. The screw is first slightly inserted into the hole and the drill machine's pin point is placed over the screw and the machine is switched on to run through the battery. Once the drilling machine is switched on, its pin point starts rotating on the screw and this helps the screw to go inside the hole. Usually the drilling machine is used to create holes but here it is used to screw and unscrew. This drilling machine is powered by batteries which are included along with the purchase. The set of screws to be drilled are also supplied. The drilling action also makes realistic sounds and this sound comes from the speaker inside the drill. A hammer and nails are also supplied to perform another kind of tooling work. The whole play set is made from plastic. No.2 above is expensive while no.1 above and no.3 below are of similar price without much difference. There are also more toy tool sets no.3a and no.3b as below which also utilizes batteries for toy drilling machine to work. You can also consider buying them if you need something cheaper than no.3 but similar to no.3.

3) Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Drillin Action Tool Set
3a) BOSCH Big Toolcase With Battery-operated Drill
3b) JCB Tool Case and BO Drill

If you need some tools for DIY pretend play only and which don't run or operate through batteries than consider buying this no.4 below which is highly rated by the customers and are of extremely cheap prices. There are total 13 pieces of various kinds of tools packed in a carrycase in this play set. This carrycase is portable and can be taken away with you. All the 13 pieces are made from durable plastic. In this playset your child can pretend to build the workbench using the 13 parts. The two legs of the workbench (two separate pieces) need to be inserted manually into the two side holes located on the roof part of the workbench to construct the workbench first. There are some other holes at the center of the roof of the workbench where the child can practice to insert and fix nuts and bolts by using other tools like wrench and hammer. This is worth buying as it's much cheaper than no.1,2 and no.3 above and very useful for all the great DIY pretend play.

4) Tool Carrycase by Peterkin

If you need a DIY toy tool set which is eco-friendly consider buying no.5 below which is entirely made from wood. Its includes everything from a wooden toolbox to various toy tools like hammer, screwdriver, pegs, nuts and bolts and much more with total 24 pieces. Melissa & Dough is the manufacturer of it which is a trusted brand. This set is also only for pretend play. If you need something more beautiful than no.5 and made from FSC accredited wood consider buying no.6 below from HAPE. Prices are almost same for no.5 and no.6 so nothing to worry about. These wooden tool toys are preferred over the plastic ones by the customers.

5) Melissa and Doug Take Along Tool Kit
6) Hape E3001 Fix It Tool Box

Here is another choice no.7 below for if you need something made from wood and phthalate-free plastic but covered from fabric clothes. This below product has also been praised considering the cheap prices and high quality with an amazing vibrating drill toy machine.

7) Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spil

Though there are many other tool toys in the online marketplace but the mentioned above are most popular, best rated by customers and in trusted brands.

Hope the review would help in some way if not fully.

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