How to Enjoy Vacation in China?

Getting into the once forbidden country of Far East Asia is a new bundle of excitement now. The largest economy of Asian continent and second largest economy of the world makes it big in the travel section too. A colossal of nature's magnificence and human's brilliance - China is a complete travel destination which has great sand dunes, azure water beaches and pearl while mountains. Amid these natural charismas, there lies the civilization of China which has carved new stones of success with its fascinating creations such as Great Wall of China and Modern City of Shanghai. If you are planning to visit this mesmerizing country in near future but being apprehensive of fun factor, this article can help you in enjoying the real essence of China with its to-do list, as it's exclusively from an expeditor who has been there.

Plan your itinerary in advance China is a very big country which has numerous tourism attractions. But, it is highly impossible to catch all of them in single visit. Hence, you must plan in advance on how to go and where to go. For example, if you are on a fortnight long holiday and want to make a trip to the cultural heritage of the country in the due course, you can plan a tour to five classic cities of the country - Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo and Shanghai. This 11-12 days long jaunt will bring the best of true Chinese flavor in front of you.

Learn a few basics of Chinese language Chinese prefer to speak Mandarin over English; therefore, language can be a problem here. To avoid this, you can learn a few basics of the language which will help you in getting familiar to the locals or you can hire an English-speaking guide to make the trip easier.

Do not forget to include the most acclaimed attractions of the country in your travel schedule More than anything else, China is famous for its Great Wall, Giant Pandas and Shaolin Temple's kung Fu demonstrations. Hence, if you want to make the best out of your China vacation, you cannot give a miss to these trademarks of Chinese Tourism. To avoid the last minute haste, you can talk to your tour planner and assimilate these in your trip route.

Don't make a comment on topics about which Chinese are emotional This is a crucial note for China expedition. The country is too sensitive about a few topics and you must refrain discussing them in public. Talking about topics such as Taiwan, Tibet and Tiananmen Square may put you in wrong foot.

Don't expect the same Chinese taste here what you get in your nearby restaurant You have come in China to savor its authentic taste. But be aware, the taste of food out here might be completely different from what you generally eat in your country. Thus, try the food before you order it, as leaving food in plate doesn't go well with Chinese etiquettes. It's a bargain destination too Chinese goods are popular across the world. So if you are tempted to buy some country made stuff, you can head to local markets in Shanghai or Beijing. These are two biggest cities of the nation where you can get almost everything, ranging from electronic goods to fashion accessories. But before you buy anything, keep in note that Chinese love bargaining whether you are buying chocolates or mobile phones. This'll help you in saving some Yuans.

Be Gracious This is another tip to enjoy China trip to the fullest. Since Chinese are courteous, they expect the same from their guests too. Hence, you must be cordial enough to compliment them and give due credit to them. It makes them happy. And, a happy host designs the best vacation for his/her guests.

One of the few Asian countries which have the glory of hosting summer Olympic Games, China is a sure delight for tourists if they know the prelims of travel etiquettes of the nation.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice