Where to go when on a Budget Holiday?

Budget Holiday
With a looming economy around the corner, going on holiday might seem an expensive idea. But, have you heard of budget holiday? Holiday makers of the world have introduced a customized version of expedition which is more about saving the pennies than losing it. Although, the travel destinations here would be little off-beat but the fun-quotient will be higher, as these less popular destinations offer much more than those famous gateways. You can start your penny-packed sojourn from Oriental Asia's enchantments Myanmar (Burma) & Thailand and head towards Eastern European Countries via Turkey. If itinerary is not clear to you, check the article and follow the route.

Myanmar Historically the Golden Land of Asia, Myanmar could be on the top of best tourism destinations of the world if there had been political peace in this small country. Sitting close to two largest countries of the continent - China and India, Burma offers a great site which includes tranquil lakes, striking English colonies, admirable Buddhist architecture and the remarkable Golden Rock Pagoda. The two best cities of the country are Yangon the capital city and Bago. With currency rate that stands for $1= 974 Burmese Kyat, Burma is quite a favorable destination. Come here to enjoy the natural serenity as well as a peaceful life which you left around twenty years back.

Thailand One of the most popular beach destinations of the world is among the list of most pocket-friendly tourism spots too. With glamour coated beaches and tour to unruffled islands, Thailand also offer the luxury of fantastic dine out and lovely massage just for $10 and $5. However, a few over hyped places might prove to be a little costlier but if you know the tricks of bargaining, Thailand is a great destination for budget holiday (including your shopping).

Turkey This is your stopover en route Europe. Placed between Asian and European continents, this cultural hub is equally famous for its Bosporus Straight and towering city of Istanbul. Turkey has recently made an entry in the list of popular tourist attraction but this inclusion hasn't put any negative impact on its cost. Turkey is still a delight for travelers with tight purse string. It calls you to see how two entirely different cultures meet. And, if you want more subtraction in your Turkey trip cost, land here in an off season.

Note Turkey is an epicurean's delight too. Relish taste bud temptations of the place without being worried of your finances, as three course meal will hardly cost you 14 Turkish Lira which stands for 6.5.

Eastern Europe European continent is made of 45 countries (excluding the one which are shared with Asia). And out of all these 45 countries, we know about only a few. This time replace those much known European countries with lesser-known names and you'll be amazed to see the fall of your overall expedition expenditure. Eastern European countries such as Belgrade, Krakow, Bosnia, Ukraine and Sarajevo are simply exquisite. Book a budget flight to Eastern Europe and step here to enjoy real charisma of the continent in much lesser cost.

Note - Dropping value of Euro vs. Dollar will amplify your tourism pleasure.

Morocco and Tunisia Sharing coastline with rich Atlantic and Mediterranean zones, these two African countries are famous for their natural grandeur, cultural variations as well as extraordinary urbanization. Offering the best of Arabic influence in a developed backdrop these countries invite globe trotters for an adjoined pleasure trip of Mediterranean and Atlantics without costing too much.

If you have seen one of the best Hollywood romance flicks ever Casablanca, you can easily speculate a lot about Moroccan civilization as that beautiful city is located in the premises of this North African Country. This country is a beautiful amalgamation of natural sumptuousness, as you can go for dessert safari as well as can enjoy the thrill of snow capped peaks.

Despite of keeping your expenses under limits, these budget destinations not only offer you an opportunity to roam around less explored areas but also they help you to indulge in various travel activities.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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