Which are the best Ride-on toys to buy for toddlers?

Toddlers fall in the category of age range 1-3 years. Ride on toys are the small vehicles for toddlers to ride on them and move them ahead by kicking their feet on the ground. Quality does matter in ride on toys so that they don't just fall apart when the toddlers sit and ride on them. So it's recommended to buy ride on toys in popular brands only like Fisher Price, Vtech, Little Tikes, Trunki etc. But Trunki ride-ons are only meant for children above 36 months and not good for toddlers. So we will consider them in the end in case you need them as well.

The no.1 below from Little Tikes is recommended most as it serves different purposes and not just a ride-on. This is a vehicle toy in the form of a hauler or truck with 6 wheels where most ride-ons has only four wheels. This is good for extra stability. At stage one when your child is just learning to walk he/she can hold the truck from back and push it. At the stage two the child can sit and ride on it. The child will have to kick the ground to move the truck ahead. At the third stage the back hollow portion of the truck can be made to sit on the seat of the truck to act as carriage and steering wheel can be pulled up (as a rod is attached to it) and turned down to take the shape of a handle. Now this has become a vehicle to be pulled along.

1) Little Tikes Handle Haulers Haul N Ride

You can also consider buying this no.2 as below but it has only four wheels and also expensive than above no.1. However this is a sturdy ride on toy in the shape of a pirate ship which is worth every penny. The seat of this vehicle can be removed and you will find a storage space there and all the play accessories included with this product like figures can be stored there. The toddlers can sit on the ride-on and kick the ground to make it move forward and it's really exciting for them. Toddlers can also hear funny sounds with the click of a button. This can also act as a pirate ship playset instead of a ride-on. Little Tikes is a trusted brand and this product is manufactured by them and so the quality is assured.

2) Little Tikes Play N Scoot Pirate Ship

The two ride-ons mentioned above were open from above and were smaller. Here is no.3 as below from Little Tikes as well which is a little big ride-on in the form of a car which is closed from above and sides and also has a gate on one side. The child should open the gate to enter into the car. Inside the car the floor is removable so that child's feet touch the ground. In case the parents are pulling the car from back (with the help of handle provided) the floor inside the car should not be removed so that child's feet can rest on the floor of the car. The floor should be removed in case the child wants to make the car move ahead on his own by kicking the ground. Steering wheels can be rotated 360 degree so that front wheels can be turned in any direction. This product is worth buying considering more than 200 positive reviews. You can also consider buying no.4 as below which is almost the same as no.3 but in the shape of a truck instead of car. Prices of course are higher for no.4 due to greater durability. No.5 below is still more durable than no.3 and no.4 and you could give this as first priority in all three as below.

3) Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on
4) Little Tikes Cozy Truck
5) Little Tikes Grande Coupe Car

Here is one more ride-on no.6 as below which is almost identical as no.3, no.4 and no.5 above but in the form of a police vehicle. You should consider buying this if your child is fan of police vehicles.

6) Little Tikes Patrol Police Car Black

If you want your child to be a fire fighter and need a ride-on toy for fire fighting than consider buying no.7 as below. This has a real water tank on its back which can actually be filled with water along with a hose to spray water. Your child can also use the hose to water the plants as well while riding the vehicle. Also you should consider the below no.7a which is a ride-on in the form of a fire engine with a bell for toddlers to ring but its on very expensive side as this is made from steel.

7) Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck
7a) Great Gizmos Speedster Ride-On - Fire Engine

If you need something cheaper than all above in Little Tikes Brand you should go with this below no.8. This is however much smaller and it is different from all others in the sense that it a sports car with steering wheel and it's very compact.

8) Little Tikes Sports Coupe Ride On(Red)

Vtech brand cannot be forgotten when looking to buy ride-on toys. It's an extremely important brand. The most popular ride-on is Vtech brand is no.9 below which is better in the sense that is has 8 wheels and it is in the form of a train. Toddlers can also learn through the letters and numbers printed on the body of the train and play with the blocks included. Release the blocks from the hole and they will go to the storage place under the seat. But size is smaller. Another great ride-on product by Vtech is no.10 below in the form of a zebra scooter with all lights and sounds for complete entertainment. Prices are similar as for above mentioned ride-ons and not much difference.

9) VTech Ride on Alphabet Train
10) VTech 3-in-1 Zebra Scooter

If your child is a fan of Batman and need a sturdy ride-on with chunky wheels based on the theme of Batman and also need cheap prices and best brand than consider buying this below no.11 from well known Fisher Price brand. If you need a ride-on toy in the form of a two wheeler bike with engine sounds and headlight than consider no.12 as below but it's on the very expensive side in Chicco brand which is not a popular brand but the product has been praised by customers who already bought.

11) Fisher Price DC Friends Batman ATV Ride-on
12) Chicco 50 cm Ducati Monster Sit N Ride Motorbike

If you need a ride-on toy in the shape of a lion whose tale can be pushed up and down to convert it from walker to ride-on and vice-versa than go with this below no.13 from the most trusted Fisher Price brand. Also if you are obsessed with Fisher Price there is one more high quality ride-on toy from Fisher Price as no.14 below which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it's highly durable. Fisher Price products are however highly priced as usual.

13) Fisher-Price Walk & Ride Lion
14) Fisher Price Lil' Fire Truck Ride-on

However if you need a ride-on for kids (above 3 years) and not toddlers than my no.1 recommendation is to buy a ride-on in the UK's leading Trunki brand as these are most popular. Consider buying this below no.15 which has over 550 positive customer reviews. This Trunki product is a lightweight suitcase to act as a luggage while in travel and can also be used as a ride on vehicle for toddlers once the suitcase is closed. So it does a two-in-one job and that is the reason of its popularity. Toddler's toys and clothes can easily be inserted into the suitcase while in travel. Shoulder strap provided can also be used to carry the suitcase on shoulders and also has a handle to carry with one hand. The four wheels are strong for a smooth run on the ground while toddlers sit on the suitcase and kick the floor.

15) Trunki Bernard the Bee Ride-on Suitcase

Now finally it comes to when you need eco-friendly ride-on toy with great quality. Look none other than this below no.16 totally made from wood and highly durable and well made. It would require assembly though prior to use but won't take much of your time.

16) Moover Dump Truck

There are many other ride-on toys in the online marketplace but those all mentioned above are most popular and best rated. Hope the review would help in some way if not fully.

Thanks for reading!

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