How to become Soul Dependent?

Soul (God) is the ultimate truth. To become soul dependent first you need to understand what soul is and what the qualities of soul are. Lead your life in such a way that you remain unaffected whatever life gives you whether it's something good or unpleasant. Something good or bad will come to you according to the Karmas you did in this life or previous lives. If you don't trust previous lives just go here >> Is there any life after death? Since you don't remember what good or bad Karmas you did in your previous lives it is also not possible for you to know what good or bad will come to you in the future as well. To become soul dependent important thing is not to argue and not to curse God or anyone else if any mischief happens in your life. This is because it was your own Karmas which got you to that kind of situation in life. Else there are many other people on this earth who are sinless and enjoy a peaceful life as it might be their karmas were good in the past.

Some people think that money gives peace and satisfaction. But the truth is that unless you feel healthy and peaceful inside, you cannot even enjoy the benefits of money. For example, if you are suffering from something like malaria (a disease) would you like to drive your car (bought from your money) in that state? Somehow you would want to get rid of malaria first as that is making you unhealthy. Many people are in great depression and even if you give them a million dollar car to drive they will not feel like driving it. The reason is that they are not feeling well from inside and somehow badly hurt in life. You honestly worked hard in life to earn lot of money than your honesty and good karmas (hard work you did to make money) is giving the peace and satisfaction inside and that is also helping you to enjoy the benefits of money as you are healthy now by your honest Karmas. It will again make you sick and ill if you start misusing the money like you just started buying and taking drugs or if the money is used in gambling. Whatever you will do against your soul it will make you sick and ill in life. To become soul dependent you cannot go against your soul at any cost.

To become soul dependent you need to forget the past and future and keep yourself busy in the karmas and duties of life in the present (without worrying if the karmas would produce any results or not) and you need to do it honesty and with complete dedication. Your good karmas will automatically bring you nearer to your soul. Suppose a person is a thief and his mentality is that since God is not giving him anything he should steal. This way you cannot become soul dependent. Whether God will give me anything or not I will not steal. I will die of hunger but will not steal. This kind of thinking is actually needed to become soul dependant. Don't be in the habit of taking revenge if someone did wrong to you. If you have all the great qualities of soul inside you God will surely help if you trust God. Also don't envy others and don't try to compete with others. Women are horrible in this respect and they need everything what other people own who are nearby them.

OH they have a Ferrari I should also get one at any cost even if I need to rob the bank. This kind of thinking cannot make you soul dependent. This competition is threatening the whole humanity and making them go away from their own self. But actually its difficult to make oneself soul dependent by just the formal advice in books, on websites or at any other place like where an adviser (Guru) is sitting. True way to become soul dependent is through meditation as meditation gives you great strength. Just go to benefits of meditation to know the benefits and also you must learn to meditate. After kundalini awakening the energy of soul starts working on the seven chakras in the body and that gives the real strength to fight all the negativities in the body. The person becomes moral, united and integrated and a great transformation takes place in him if meditation is done the right way.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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