How to get a cheap outfit for only $20 for a Job Interview?

Outfit for job interview
You just landed a fantastic job interview, your closet consists of only T-shirts, jeans and a couple of dresses from the 1980s, but you have only $20 in your wallet. What now? With a little patience, a no-shame attitude and a willingness to brave intimidating racks of clothes sometimes displayed in mild chaos, you will ace that interview looking professional and fabulous, and may even have some change left over from that $20 bill!

As much as you would love to waltz into Macys or Nordstrom to shop for that outfit, your $20 won't even buy you a scarf. So forget everything you have ever heard about consignment shops and thrift stores(an example thrift store >, swallow your pride, and be open to the treasures that smart women have been keeping a secret for years. There are amazing clothes to be found in consignment stores and thrift stores like Goodwill(Goodwill online auction website), some with designer labels, some never even worn, and all at prices that will leave you giddy with delight.

Re-sale clothing stores have come a very long way in the last several years. Once dingy, musty and crowded with soiled, outdated items, they are now chic, bright and blessed with current styles -- all clean and in good-to-excellent condition, and with price tags that carry the value of a dollar into the next millennium. The uniqueness of these wonderful shops is the one-of-a-kind factor; there are no duplicate items to be found, in contrast to department stores where there are 20 of the same shirt hanging on a rack. When you create a wardrobe in a re-sale shop, you are guaranteed to never be looking at the same amazing cocktail dress you are wearing at the company holiday party on your co-worker's wife. The delicious individuality of a consignment store's inventory is a sweet bonus.

Consignment stores are small shops that accept clothing, usually in excellent condition, from customers purging their closets. When an item sells, the shop gets a percentage of the sale price, as well as the donating party. This kind of shop usually prices merchandise at slightly higher prices than thrift stores, but the quality of the clothing is much higher as well. Each consignment shop is different, but almost all carry slacks, shirts, dresses, skirts, handbags, various accessories, jackets, coats, and shoes. And some even offer lingerie, jewelry, formal wear and other specialty items. It is a great idea to become familiar with several of your local consignment shops and learning when they put certain items on sale which they often do because they constantly need to make room for new incoming merchandise.

Thrift stores, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army (The Salvation Army is well known for its network of thrift stores or Charity Shops, colloquially referred to as "the Sally Ann" in Canada, "Sallys" in the US and "op shops" in Australia, which raise money for its rehabilitation programs by selling donated used items such as clothing, housewares and toys: Source: Wikipedia), have the lowest prices, the most merchandise, but sometimes it may not be in the best condition. These stores keep prices low because they only accept donations. It is advisable to check out thrift stores in more upscale neighborhoods, as often wealthy people donate piles of amazing clothing for any reason from just never wore something, or bought it, didn't like it, but never went to the trouble of returning it. It is a well-known fact that sometimes merchandise can be found with a designer label and original store's price tag still attached. It isn't uncommon to discover a never-worn $150 blouse priced at a mind-blowing $5!

The trick to finding the best clothes at the greatest prices is to be a detective and search. Merchandise is not always placed neatly together by size. Often a size 5 pair of slacks will be put back in the racks by a customer in the middle of the size 12s. So it is recommended that you take your time when shopping and browse through all the articles of clothing, carefully looking at each tag for the size.

Now back to that interview outfit. It is definitely possible to find and purchase a skirt, blouse, jacket, and belt for under $20 in either a large thrift store or a small consignment shop. Just be sure to check each item you want for its condition a fantastic jacket at $3 is not worth it if it has a big hole on the sleeve, or a wine stain on the collar. If it is in superb condition but is only missing its buttons, then snag it. Buttons are an inexpensive and a creative way to modernize a piece that may be several years old.

Be warned after you start shopping at bargain re-sale shops you may become addicted. Going to the mall may never be the same again. It is an incredible rush to walk out of your favorite thrift store carrying 3 bags filled with amazing clothes after only shelling out $40 bucks of your hard-earned paycheck. And after being complimented several times on the gorgeous jeans you're wearing there is no need to confess where you got them. Keep them guessing.

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