How to take care of Cold and Cough in Infants?

cold in child
Infants take a lot of time to become immune to the outer atmosphere after spending nine cozy and comfortable months in their mother's womb. It makes newborn babies an easy target for different types of virus hits, which often leave them with nose and throat infection. If your child is also showing symptoms of such infection, don't panic! There are numerous methods which can wonderfully help you to take care of your infant's cold and cough.

Breastfeed your child Mother's milk is a natural relaxant which pacifies the baby and also, it is a great source of vital nutrients. If your infant's croupy breathing and running nose is making you uneasy, breastfeed your baby. This will help provide your kid with natural antibiotic fluid, helping her counter the infection.

Put your baby to sleep Sleeping is the best way to help babies fight infections of cold and cough. It provides them with an essential dose of energy which helps them to recover faster.

Forget OTCs - If you consider going for over the counter medicines to offer an immediate relief to your coughing newborn, do not repeat this mistake ever again. The safety concerns of over the counter medicine to cure infants cough and cold are still under surveillance; hence, it is advisable to go for alternative medication to soothe your baby. Steam therapy Warm moist air is one of the most trusted formulas implied to treat cough and cold. It is equally effective for adult and infants. To get the benefit of steam therapy you can either use a humidifier or give a steam bath to your young child. Humidifiers spray warm misty air to the area where it is kept. This steamy air helps babies to get rid of their nasal mucus as well as prevents their vocal cords from drying out which offers an immediate relief to them.

Note if you do not have a humidifier at home, you can go to nearby hospital and ask a medical practitioner to nebulizer your baby using a kid's nebulizer (buy on amazon if you need one for home use). This is another great way to instantly soothe coughing infants.

Saline Drops Stuffy nose or nasal congestion is a common symptom of cold. It leaves babies irritated and cranky. You can use saline nasal drops ( to pacify your toddler (How to Give Saline Nose Drops to Infants:Youtube). These drops immediately clear the nasal mucus which not only allow infants to breath easily but also reduces their irritation. You can also make your own saline nose drops by stirring 1/4 teaspoon of salt into 1/2 cup lukewarm water (make this fresh every day).

Vapor Rubs Do you remember your days as a kid? Your mom hardly took you to a doctor when you suffered from cold or cough. She used to apply home-based medications to cure you and vapor rub was one of the most prominent things what she used to do. This years old formula is a very effective medication for cough and cold. You can use camphor, menthol or eucalyptus based rubs to give a vapor massage to your baby. These rubs can be made at home (Make Natural Vapor-Rub at home) but if you do not have the right recipe of homemade rubs, you can find a good product in your local market.(DIY all natural baby vapor rub: Youtube Video)

Note do not apply this therapy on newborns younger than 3 months of age.

Extra Fluid intake also cuts down the intensity of infection If your child's age is 6 months or more, you can make her consume plenty of liquid. It nullifies the possibility of dehydration and also thins down your baby's nasal secretion.

Note If your baby is comfortable, you can make her take chicken soup or other warm liquid. It will offer a quick relief from nasal congestion.

Honey one of the nature's best kept secret, Honey not only helps in preventing your young child from virus hits but also works as a great medicine post infection. It is one of the most proven remedy to treat nighttime coughs of babies. You can mix a few drops of lemon juice in honey to get a faster result.

Note In accordance with a recent study conducted at Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine, Honey was considered more impactful than any other cough syrup. But be wary of using it if your tiny tot is younger than 1 year as it may trigger infant botulism in your baby.

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