Why its difficult to know God?

It's difficult to know God because God wants that you completely surrender to him but since God is the complete soul and not any human being it means you should be completely soul dependent in order to know God but this doesn't actually happens. Most people are not soul dependent and they don't surrender to God and that is the reason they cannot know God. Just like you want your wife or husband to be loyal to you, in the same way God wants that you are loyal to your master (God or soul). You may ask how you could be loyal to your soul. The only way to be loyal to your soul (God) is not to go against your soul. You need to understand the great qualities of soul so that you don't go against your soul. You will have to implement or adopt those great qualities of soul within yourself to know God. Let's understand this with an example. As you know honesty is one of the greatest qualities of soul and if you are not honest it simply means you are not loyal to your master (soul or God). Another great quality of soul is it doesn't have any desire in it. Only pure desire resides in the soul.

But most of the human beings are full of desires like they want that they should have a nice looking costly car, good clothes, good reputation in the society, etc. So if you are full of desires than you are going against your soul. It may also be that you are full of anger and lust which is again against your soul. As long as you go against your soul (God) you are not loyal and not soul dependent. There is a great difference between desires and requirements. If you go to work like a regular Mom and Dad to make a living that is your requirement and God is happy with your karma. But if you become greedy and start doing all illegal things to make more and more money than it becomes your horrible desire and as a result of it you go against your soul. If you make use of sex to give birth to children than its your duty but when you make misuse of sex just for fun and pleasure it shows your lust which is against the soul. That is the reason it's difficult to know God (the ultimate soul) because human being cannot avoid itself to go against the soul. You need to lead a life of a saint in order to know God. Some people don't even tend to know God because they don't understand that God is full of joy and enormous peace which you won't even get by fulfilling your desires.

Some people have goals in life and they really work hard to achieve those goals. They are honest, dedicated, hard working and they have all the great qualities of a good human being and as a result they are able to achieve those goals. This is also very satisfying when you achieve your goals in life because you have sacrificed a lot and went nearer to your soul (though may be unknowingly) to achieve those goals. Some people have good presence of mind and when they have already achieved everything in life they finally realize that still something is missing because the ultimate satisfaction is inside your soul.

Such people are innocent like children and mostly happy within themselve and don't have horrible desires in them as they know these won't give the ultimate peace. Such people than look for God when they come to know that God is actually the one where the ultimate peace and joy is. When you want to know God it's your pure desire as you are looking for peace and not something which is perishable like the worldly products. Knowing God becomes easy for such people as they have the pure desire in them and such people are often called as true devotee and God also love them. They go through the path of meditation to achieve the goal of salvation and finally reach there as well. Even if you can't give up your desires and bad habits you should meditate and that is another great way to make the path of knowing God easier. Doing meditation in the right way has great potential to change a human being completely and make him/her a saint.

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