Why I always fail?

According to me, mostly people fail as they don't stick to their task. Suppose you are reading a book and trying to understand a particular topic of interest. You read it once or twice .. and... oh! its too difficult for me to understand. Let's move to different topic. And again same thing happens and you move to third topic and so on. So here you don't stick to your task. You are not applying your energy in a single task till you understand it completely. Since you have to do a lot of tasks, it creates fear in you that you may run out of time. But if you think with a clever brain, you would actually not learn anything from half-hearted attempt on a given topic. People who see their watches more rather than concentrating on the topic, they want to learn or understand, are mostly failures. They don't understand which way to go and worry whether there will be success or not. Why do you worry about success or failure? This is because you are worried about people around you, like your friends, relatives, family members etc.

You are worried: what if your friend will do better than you? What if you cannot achieve of what your parents and other family members expect from you? You are worried and tensed, that people would curse you for being a failure. Truth is that some people around you will always encourage while others are so horrible that they won't even miss a single chance, to get on to you, in case you fail.

Just sit, relax, go inside within yourself and ask a question : Are you bold enough to ignore people who make jokes out of you? If the answer is yes than what the fear is all about? If the answer is no (you still fear that you cannot tolerate public ignorance) than is this something that is in your control? Can you control people not to curse you if when failed? When nothing is in your hand why not just give up and do the job instead of fearing about something which is not in your control. I know it's easy to say but difficult to follow but remember whenever you surrender (leave everything on God or soul) and just concentrate on your work you become in paradise.

It may take years to master an art but once you are perfect it pays you like nothing. So there is no point in giving up due to fear. And don't try to learn something in a day or two by extending nights. Can't figure out what the subject is all about even after reading it for 2-3 days? Nothing to worry about. Start reading the topic the next day as well. Keep extending days after days till you master that topic and one day you will realize that all the hard work and determination really paid off. It will also make other similar topics easy to understand once you are strong in a particular topic. Mostly all the information is interrelated with each other. Your knowledge about a subject will keep extending as you grasp the basics. So first you need to make your basics clear and than you will never fail. There are some moments when you are fully exhausted and feel like giving up. That is where you need patience. Forget that moment and try the same thing next day with fresh mind and you will realize that really helped to understand the topic the next day. So success is all yours if you are determined and never give up.

But truth is that some people would still fail even if they are determined and hard working because they don't have good brain or they are totally dumb or so called stupid. If you fall in that category you should start meditation to energize your brain to make it more powerful. Go to benefits of meditation to know the benefits of meditation.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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