Which are the best Kids Cameras to Buy?

Kids Camera
You may be wondering how to buy a good camera for your kids and do they really capture images? Yes, there are some cameras which are specifically made for kids who are above the age of 36 months. Kids can definitely take photos (images) from such cameras with the click of a button, and store them in their cameras to view them whenever they like (as long as the images are stored in the camera and still not deleted). There is a small screen on such cameras to view the photos (images) taken. But the pictures when seen on the screen of the camera are not of high quality (not that clear) due to low image resolution.

Image resolution is usually measured in megapixels. Kid's cameras are mostly of 2 megapixels while a standard photography camera is 6 megapixels and more. Increase the megapixels of the camera and higher its resolution will be, and as a result pictures taken will be more clearer and larger. That is also the reason that a kid's camera has a small screen so that the picture could be clearer as increasing the size of the screen will make the image blur due to low resolution of the camera. So, this is only the disadvantage of the kid's cameras but parents are buying them for their children as these are a great shooting photography fun for them and some stubborn children ask for them when they see adults using their own electronic cameras to capture photos.

If you need to buy kids cameras consider buying these no.1 and no.2 as below as these are most popular and highly rated and manufactured by Vtech which is one of the most trusted brands in children products. These cameras have good rubber grip, easy to use and are robust and sturdy and won't easily break even after falling from the hands of kids. After all kids behaviour was taken into mind while manufacturing them. Not only these cameras capture photos but also the kids can do a video for maximum 5-10 minutes. The video can be stored in the camera and can be viewed anytime.

Vtech also included five built in games for added fun. 256MB of space provided is good enough to store more than 300 photos in the camera at a time. Both the cameras are of 2 megapixels. Only difference is that both these cameras are of different colors. However there is slight difference in prices also. Batteries included however are not rechargeable and need to be purchased again once these are dead. Photos taken through the camera can also be edited like adding funny faces and borders to the photos. The photos and videos captured can easily be transferred to computer or television via the USB cable supplied and can be easily printed off for the children to keep.

1) Vtech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera 122803 (Blue)
2) Vtech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera 122853 (Pink)

The design of the above two cameras are not much appealing. If you need a better design something like Disney Princess printed on the camera consider buying this below no.3. Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear printed on the camera could be another choice as no.5 and no.4 below. All these three cameras look more beautiful than the above two. However features are almost the same but these three as below does not include games which are important for children and also on the expensive side than the above two. The benefit is that the images taken from these below three cameras can be edited and made such as if the photos were taken along with Disney Princess, Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear. Also if you don't want your children to get addicted with games and concentrate more on photography aspect than these three below are the best choices.

3) Vtech Disney Princess Camera
4) VTech Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera
5) Vtech Kidizoom Disney Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Digital Camera

If you need a kid's digital camera in other brands like Fisher Price than this below no.6 is highly recommended. This camera has lots and lots of positive reviews from buyers in USA on amazon.com but it's still new on amazon.co.uk. It can take decent pictures like those by Vtech cameras above but the video quality like the picture and voice is excellent. It's design also looks more better than the Vtech kids cameras above and just make it fall through the stairs and the product is tough enough not to break. It mostly has all the features as the Vtech Cameras but Fisher Price does not supply with USB cable and SD memory card. However USB chord can be used from any other electronic digital camera you have and it should work fine. Its recording feature is also incredible and better than Vtech. However when coming to the price it's little bit expensive than no.1 and no.2 above but still cheaper than no.3, no.4 and no.5. You can also edit the pictures and make them ugly or good by adding some 25 extra things to it for added fun. Kids would definitely love it. Its most important feature however is that its lens can be rotated to 180 degree so that kids can even capture their own photos by pointing the lens towards them. This feature really makes it unique in some way.

6) Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera

You should watch the video of this product below to know more.

If you need a stylist and gorgeous looking case for your Vtech digital cameras you can buy this below no.7. This should make your child look like more professional photographer with it.

6) Vtech Electronics Kidizoom Travel Bag Pink

If you need a camera for small kids which is cheaply priced and doesn't actually take pictures and only good for pretend pictures than you could buy this no.7 below.

7) The Wiggles Camera

There are many other kids digital cameras sold in the online marketplace but the ones mentioned above are the best rated and most popular. Hope the review would help in some way if not fully.

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