How is Twitter useful to Businesses and Large Institutions?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to post short messages about their day, clever blurbs, photos and videos. Each tweet that someone makes is limited to one hundred and forty characters. Twitter is arguably a really great tool for institutions and businesses to engage with their consumers and captivate their audience. Consumers might tweet about certain products, texts and events etc by using hash tags before words e.g. #playstation or 'I love my new #canon camera'. Consumers can also tweet the company directly by using the company's twitter user name. For example, @Canon, I love my new camera, thank you so much! This allows companies to get quick and short feedback from their audience base and so giving them an easy and public place to build up and create strong relationships and connections with their consumers.

The twitter website was created in March 2006 by a man called Jack Dorsey and he launched it that following July. The service of the site rapidly gained a worldwide audience as it became more and more popular, with over five hundred million registered users in 2012, it generated over three hundred and forty million tweets daily. Also, it handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day. Since its launch, Twitter has become one of the ten most visited websites on the internet; and it has been described as the SNS of the internet. Unregistered users visiting the site can still read tweets, while registered users of the site can post tweets through the website interface, SMS or a range of applications for various mobile devices and tablets.

Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco, with additional servers and offices in New York City, Boston and San Antonio.

The general advantages of twitter are that members of the public can interact with celebrities, for example, Katy Perry, certain bands, comedians, TV presenters etc. People can also express their points of views on things like TV shows and products whilst also being able to find contact with old friends or people that live in other countries. Twitter is a great site to find out local or worldwide news reports and rumours or gossip because it is much quicker than any printing publications. Your accounts can also be made private so only the people you accept to follow you, can see your tweets. There can be groups made which create communities, this then leads on to a new virtual life, identity or reality.

Finally, the biggest advantage is for businesses and institutions because they can conduct market research and advertisements. The main reason businesses use twitter is to connect with customers. Most people these days have a twitter account, so it allows them to reach a wider audience and if they have an un-satisfied customer then the first place you will hear about it is on twitter. This will allow you to work out ways in which you can improve your product or your services and maybe even improve your customer service. After all, listening to customer feedback is important for improving your business future.

Another reason companies use twitter is for marketing. They can advertise and tell the world about their products and services and how good they are. It's also a FREE way of advertising which is very important when running a business, unless they hire someone else to run their twitter account for them. However, it's also best when the people behind the account are from the business themselves because customers will feel like they are talking to more of an expert who knows what they are talking about. This also applies to news on twitter. Businesses can give updates on their company just by tweeting them.

A lot of the more successful companies use twitter to give out coupon codes, competition chances and promotions. This will allow your company a bigger boost because customers love money off and deals on products.

As you can see, there are many ways in which a company can use twitter to boost their sales and improve their services and products.

Also now a days its easy to advertise on twitter at very cheap prices through sites like There are lot of registered twitter users on this site. For a fraction of a cost, businesses can ask these twitter users to tweet about their product to their thousands of followers. Due to competition among twitter users they offer their services at very cheap prices. It can't be a better way than that to make use of twitter for business promotion and a word of mouth advertising to the targeted audience.

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Written By: Pippa Timmons (Stockport, United Kingdom)

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