Which are the best Train Toys for Toddlers to Buy?

Toddlers fall in the age range 1-3 years. You don't need bigger train and tracks playsets for toddlers as those are meant for kids above 3 years. Usually train toys for toddlers are those which help them to learn something and enhance their motor skills. Though there are a lot of train toys in the marketplace but here are some most popular with reasonable prices. It's important to buy train toys in the brands which are popular and are of high standards.

Consider buying this no.1 as below which is most popular and I rate it no.2 (after no.5 below) in terms of quality, fun and design. This is a battery operated train which would start running steadily with the press of a button and sing songs in the mean time. Different animals riding on the train and flashing lights would also amuse the toddlers. It's made by well known brand the Fisher Price. Good to make children learn about animals and sounds they make.

1) Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Choo-Choo Train

But the no.1 above is really on the expensive side and a newer model of the same above train has been launched by Fisher Price with cheaper price and highest quality at the same time. This is the no.2 as below. Here the train is accompanied by some Disney favorite pals like Simba, Lucky and Dumbo instead of animals as in the no.1 above. Also the three Disney characters can be individually played after being detached from the train like Lucky would make rattling sounds when shaked by your baby. Batteries are needed so that the train produces lights and sounds when pushed by the baby or when button is pressed. But this is a push along train and doesn't move ahead automatically with the press of a button like the no.1 above.

2) Fisher-Price Disney Sing-along Choo Choo Train

There is one more exciting train toy no.3 as below from Fisher Price which is slightly cheaper than above no.2 but still a toy with great fun. Quality is though slightly lower than no.1 and no.2 as above. This train toy has got a big handle over the engine for the child to grip it and push the train ahead while holding it. Batteries are needed to play different music with the press of a button or when the train is pushed. However this train also doesn't move ahead automatically and push along train toy only. The most amazing part of this train is the blocks which pop up when the train is pushed along and it also has a detachable carriage.

3) Fisher-Price Stacking Surprise Peek a Boo Choo Choo

If you need some eco friendly train toy which doesn't require any batteries to operate and made from wood than consider buying this below no.4 manufactured by well known toy brand Melissa & Doug. However this would not play any music or sounds like the ones above from Fisher Price. This is highly durable product with non-toxic paints and finishes. The main reason you should buy this is that your toddler will enjoy putting the 15 wooden block pieces together to join them with the engine and the two carriages. So a lot of activity is involved for your toddler to form the complete 17 inch long train. If you need a wooden train toy which can be pulled with the help of a string and cheaper in price consider buying no.4a as below.

4) Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
4a) Pintoy Wooden Pull Along Activity Train

If you need a bigger train toy where your baby can actually sit on it and enjoy the riding than you should consider buying this no.5 as below from Vtech Company. I won't actually call it as train toy but it's rather a ride on toy in the form of a train. But I can assure you this is much better than all the above (from 1 to 4) if you can slightly raise your buying budget. Your child can enjoy riding as well as will learn alphabets, numbers and can also play with lots of colorful blocks supplied along with this ride on train toy. This is highly durable toy with great color combinations along with sounds and lights produced when operated on batteries. All the alphabets and numbers are pictured on the body of the train. This is highly recommended product for toddlers.

5) VTech Ride on Alphabet Train

Here is one more train toy as no.6 below with single body and four wheels if you need something with cheap prices but still good quality. This is better for babies 6 months and above. Best thing about this toy is that there is a fun animated screen on the body of the toy where the letters and numbers will light-up when the baby rolls the train on the ground. Definitely batteries are included to do this.

6) Fisher Price Laugh and Learn ABC Train

Still if the prices are too high for you as in 1 to 6 above than you should consider buying train toys based on Thomas engine character which are much cheaper and very attractive as well. Consider buying no.7 as below which is train toy based on Buzzy Bees episode from television season 13 showed in the year 2010. The wheeled wagons in the train set are attached with each other with the help of magnets. Batteries are not required as this is push along train toy only. If you need only Thomas engine consider buying no.8 as below.

7) Fisher Price Thomas and Friends die cast Thomas & The Bees
8) Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play Thomas

BRIO is another great highest standard brand which could be considered while looking for train toys. So this below no.9 is recommended from BRIO which is a sturdy train which runs automatically with the press of a button once batteries are inserted. This train is often used in BRIO railway playsets. Also very cheaply prices so worth buying.

9) BRIO 33535 Battery Operated Action Train

Finally I would recommend a stack and sort train toy as below (no.10) from well known Little Tikes Brand which is cheap in prices as well as of great quality. This toy would differ from others as above in the sense that it includes a figure of the driver of the train who can be seated on the engine. Also the engine is battery operated and so the train would start running with the press of a button and also much cheaper than train toys in Fisher Price Brand above.

10) Little Tikes Discover Sounds Stack and Sort Train

Hope the review would help in some way.

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