What to see in Tabasco, Mexico?

Tabasco, Mexico
The word Tabasco usually brings the hot sauce to mind, however it is also the name of the state in Mexico where the sauce originated. Its capital city offers many cultural events and sites for tourists; however there are many things to do throughout the state as well. Its landscape is covered with a myriad of rivers, lakes and wetlands as well as many rainforests. I will share with you some of the best things to do when visiting Tabasco.

1) Parque Museo La Venta (Park and Museum of La Venta)

This is a marvelous outdoor park and museum which was originally created in 1958. Archaeologists moved the most significant finds from the Mayan city of La Venta to Villahermosa. It is the only outdoor museum in Latin America and is the site for one of the largest collections of artifacts from the Olmec Culture (one group of Mayans). The artifacts range in date from 1300 BC to 200 BC, and the park itself is home to over 600 Species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and plants which are native to the region.

In the 1950's Pemex (a gasoline company) discovered a lot of oil in the region and the exploration for oil threatened the historic sites and so the park was founded and all the artifacts were moved. The park covers an area of about 17 acres and is beautifully forested. It is a must see destination for families and individuals, as it allows for guided tours, hiking, and enjoying nature. There are also the gift store, restaurant, and interactive displays.

2) Yumka Ecological Reserve

The Yumka Ecological Reserve is an amazing safari park and is divided into three main zones, which are the jungle, savanna and lake zones. These three areas represent the main ecosystems in the state of Tabasco. When you visit, you will spend about an hour and a half on the actual tour which is done from a tractor pulled trolley ride and from a boat for the lake tour. The three ecosystems house completely different species and things to see. The first, jungle, will showcase species from this region in Mexico and include Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws, Toucans, Howler monkeys and much more.

The savanna section is African themed and will feature exotic animals which include elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and zebras. The savanna also features an Asian themed section which features, buffalo, antelope, axis deer, and so much more. The lake portion of the tour will feature mostly birds and crocodiles. There is also a herpetarium (reptile house) which offers interactive displays and where you can take pictures with the animals, an aviary (bird house), as well as an exotic Orchid display with over 43 different species. This is definitely a great family or individual adventure for anyone who decides to visit the Tabasco region of Mexico.

3) Hacienda La Luz (Estate of Light)

The Hacienda La Luz is one of the popular local plantations where chocolate is made from home grown cacao. It is centrally located in the town of Conduacan. This is a great destination for chocolate friends and families alike. Tours are offered which will take you throughout the gardens of the Hacienda, as well as the cacao plantation. You will learn about the traditional Maya methods used for hundreds of years to turn cacao beans into that silky smooth chocolate you will love so much.

At the end of the tour, you will receive a traditional Mayan hot chocolate drink and you will never want any other chocolate again. You can buy their chocolates in the gift store at the end of the tour as well as any other little mementos you may like to take back home as souvenirs. The best part of this tour is that they also speak English, so you do not need to worry about keeping your Spanish English dictionary or translators on your mobile devices on hand.

Written By : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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