Which are the best Dinosaur toys to Buy?

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You may be wondering how to buy good dinosaur toys. There are different types of dinosaur toys and it will totally depend on you what type you need. After doing extensive research I found a dinosaur toy which I like most and that is no.1 as below. Most importantly it's manufactured by most trusted brand of toys known as Fisher Price. This is actually a big toy which runs on batteries and resembles a real dinosaur. With the press of a button it will make roaring sounds after opening its mouth just like a real dinosaur. Its neck and arms will also move here and there after pressing the button. So it's an interactive toy which really can entertain the young kids above 36 months. Also I do think it's much cheaper than the price it deserves.

1) Imaginext Dinosaurs Mega T-Rex

Vtech, a toy manufacturer, has also introduced some dinosaur toys but those are very small as compared to no.1 above. These Vtech dinosaur toys do not perform any motorized actions like the no.1 above. Still these have captured the market quite good and producing good sales. The real fun about the Vtech dinosaur toys is that their parts can be rearranged to convert the toy from dinosaur to some kind of vehicles like a car, truck or an airplane. Your child would need lot of skills to convert and this is what the real fun is. But of course these also require batteries to produce different sounds and voice phrases. So the fun roaring sounds like that of a real dinosaur are also not missing in these Vtech toys. If you need such dinosaur toys consider buying these as below the no.2, no.3, no.4 and no.5 which are most popular among kids. LCD screen is also an important part of these below toys where you can display faces of drivers while in vehicle mode and also can display eyes when in dinosaur mode. Don't get confused with words like Brachiosaurus and Spinosaurus as these are also the genus of dinosaurs.

2) Vtech Brok The Brachiosaurus
3) Vtech Span The Spinosaurus
4) Vtech Electronics Switch and Go Dinos Lex the T-Rex
5) VTech Switch & Go Dinos - Lex the T-Rex

If your child is still a pre-school toddler and you need some sort of plastic toy in the shape of a dinosaur which is educational and also make fun sounds (even roar sound) and play music than you must consider buying this below no.6 dinosaur toy from Leapfrog. You can make your child to learn the letters with the help of this product. It's also cheaper in prices than the ones above but meant only for toddlers.

6) Leapfrog Lettersaurus the Dinosaur Pal

If you need tough and durable dinosaur toy which does not run on batteries and also does not produce any sounds and only good to cuddle than you should consider buying this below no.7 toy from Fisher Price. It's really good to keep it in your home somewhere as a show piece. Kids would definitely love its shiny body and would like to hug it. A human figure also included with it. Also no.8 below falls in the same category.

7) Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus
8) Imaginext Dinosaur Stegosaurus

LEGO is a toy manufacturer who will provide you with lots of small plastic pieces and the challenge would be to connect those pieces together in such a way that a dinosaur toy is formed in the end. Such dinosaur toys can also be purchased to enhance the creativity skills of children. However these are playsets and dinosaur toy is just a part of the whole playset. You will also need to build other things as well other than the dinosaur and its really great fun. LEGO toys are the best in the world for the creation of something. If you need such dinosaur toys which can completely make your child busy with the creation than you should consider buying no.9, no.10 and no.11 as below. These are choices based on the popularity. No.11 is a huge playset and requires lot of creativity to build it and so it's very very expensive. But you should buy it for maximum fun if its affordable to you.

9) LEGO Creator 6914: T-Rex
10) LEGO Dino 5884: Raptor Chase
11) LEGO Dino 5887: Dino Defense HQ

Next are the dinosaur playsets from Playmobil, a toy manufacturer. In Playmobil playsets you don't have to build or construct exactly as LEGO which involves plastic pieces to be connected together. But of course in Playmobil also sometimes various parts need to be integrated to form the complete set. Playmobil sets are based on some theme like it may be a forest playset where playmobil will provide you with figures of dinosaurs, other small animal figures, some human figures and other toy accessories like sword, gun, vehicle, trees, plants etc which will be used to fight the dinosaurs. In other words Playmobil playsets are good only for pretend play but they look good and beautiful. Kids would need to arrange the various toys and figures together to create the required scene in the playset. So if you need such playsets for pretend play from Playmobil consider buying on Amazon.co.uk with whole lot of range of playsets involving dinosaurs. For such playsets you can also buy extra dinosaur figures as no.12 below to extend the play.

12) Soft Touch Baby Dinosaur Playset

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