What are the best Legacy Watches for Men?

When it comes to timelessness, timepieces mark their presence in the first place. Included in the category of the most stylish jewelries, watches are often taken as legacy which transcends from one generation to other. Nonetheless, with time these machines have experienced numerous additions and subtractions, yet there are models which have not only remained the way they were but have also kept luring its admirers with their awe-inspiring designs and ageless makes. That’s why, those best-kept time keeping devices are called ‘legacy watches.’ Although, almost every one of them enjoys great Adonis infatuation, there is a list of luxury watches which have been pulsating carnal desires of humans since decades. Have a look on the best legacy watches for men and get yourself set to sport a timepiece which is famous beyond the bars of time.

Speedmaster Tachymeter by Omega

Omega, the brand has its endorser in the form of George Clooney – the ageless actor of Hollywood - to complement its timeless machines. Omega’s one of the most iconic products is Omega Speedmaster Tachymeter which first came in the market in 1957 and since then it remained the way it was. Available for $3,900, Omega Speedmaster Tachymeter watch has all the glory that could make its rivals envious, as this is the only watch which has witnessed the ambiance of moon. Speedmaster is selected as NASA’s official timepiece and it certainly amplifies the reputation of this great watch.

The IWC Portuguese

International Watch Company (IWC) is considerably one of the most respected names among all the watch manufacturing companies. Honored as the most trustworthy watch maker, the company has the credit of creation of the most revolutionary and versatile time keeping machines as well. IWC Portuguese is one such make by the company that has been enthralling people since decades. Essentially a chroniker, this machine is rated as one of the most aesthetic and acclaimed watches ever made.

The Tag Heuer Monaco

The 1971 movie, Le Mans, is known for many things apart from Steve McQueen’s stupefying acting and race fanaticism. Two other things which captivated people in the theatre while watching this movie were speedy machines of Porshe and Ferrari as well as an artistic timepiece which was wrapped on McQueen’s wrist. From the collection of first ever Chronographs, Tag Heuer Monaco is a perfect presentation of masculine style and strength.

El Primero Striking 10th Chronograph by Zenith

In 1969, famous watch making company Zenith came with a watch that was able to measure 1/10 of second. Named El Primero, this chronograph has all the features which make it a favorite among men from all the generations. El Primero is a watch which you will happily accept from your grandfather and will proudly keep for your grandson.

Grande Reverso Duo & Memovox by Jaeger LeCoultre

In 1930s when Polo matches were tougher and wilder, famous watch making company Jaeger LeCoultre designed a watch that could match the fervor and temperament of players of those tough matches. Named Grande Reverso Duo, this classic watch by the company has always enjoyed the status of being a temptation for royals, as then it was the choice of Kings and Queens and now it adorns the wrists of celebs. Reverso owes its name to its ability to reverse the face in colors of black or white.

Memovox is another classic creation by Jaeger LeCoultre which was first made in 1950s to please the class which wanted a simple functional watch with mechanical look. An elegant dress watch, Memovox is still a choice of premier league of people and will carry on with its legacy.

The Rolex Submariner and Day Date President

When it comes to legacy watches, one cannot sideline Rolex - the ultimate manufacturer of luxury watches.

The Submariner line by Rolex was introduced in 1954 and since then it has been the only love of those who want to have a watch which could brilliantly intermingle status and technicalities. A true tool watch, Rolex Submariner has also the fame of being James Bond’s favorite watch, as it has been portrayed in eleven James Bond movies till date. The first water resistance watch has never lost its pride in last 58 years and will continue to retain it till the moment watch-lovers are alive.

Day Date President is the first watch which came with date display and it is arguably the watch which is imitated most by other manufacturers. A choice of big guns, this is the only watch which is available in metallic sheen of gold and platinum. One can find golden version of Rolex Day Date President in 18k rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Apart from these glitters, Day Date President is considered an elite member of top legacy watches due to its exclusive bracelet design too which is the same from 1956, when Day Date was first launched.

Written By: Anu Shakti,Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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