Which are the best Garage Toys to Buy?

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A garage is usually a cemented building specifically made to keep a car or it can also be used as a workshop where vehicles are washed and repaired. Garage toys are manufactured for the kids to understand the working of a garage and for the entertainment. Such garage toys sometimes have multiple floors and also have the curved path for the children to enjoy moving cars in the curved paths.

But before you buy, its important to consider the age of your child. If your child is just a pre-school toddler you can consider buying these two garage toys as below in no.1 and no.2 as these are the best in terms of quality and durability and also these are manufactured by most trusted brands in the world like Fisher Price and Vtech. Both these garages are professionally made and well worth their prices and mostly positive reviews and ratings from customers who already bought. However Fisher Price garage has three storey circular ramp than the Vtech garage which has only one winding ramp giving somewhat less fun as the car cannot spiral for longer duration.

1) Fisher-Price Little People Racin Ramps Garage
2) VTech Toot Toot Driver Garage

Other differences are that the elevator of Fisher Price garage is equipped with a mechanical bell while you can't see this in Vtech garage playset. Vtech has one tow truck to run on the garage while Fisher Price provides with a tow truck and a passenger car with two figures to be seated on the two vehicles. Vtech garage however is heavy (3.5 kg) as compared to Fisher Price garage (1.5kg). This is due to the fact that Vtech garage is more robust and compact. In a way you can say Vtech garage has better quality than Fisher Price and Vtech garage is also award winner. However both garages are really good to develop toddler's motor skills and engage them in some sort of activity. Also both garage toys require batteries to produce noise and sounds when the cars move. In terms of price Vtech is slightly cheaper than Fisher Price and that should not make much difference.

If you are obsessed with Fisher Price brand and need a garage toy that is cheaper than the no.1 above you can consider buying this no.3 garage toy as below which is not as good as the no.1 but still looks very sturdy and colorful. Best thing about this garage is that it is portable and can be taken anywhere you like and can store upto 15 Wheelies vehicles. You can also use this as an addition to no.1 garage above for added fun.

3) Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Stow N Tow Garage

If you still need a playset for toddlers in Fisher Price brand where the ramps go all the way down to the bottom in one big loop so that the vehicle spends more time to finally land on the ground than you should consider buying this below no.4 playset with amazing height of 2 feet. This playset is though not cheaper but has lot of positive reviews.

4) Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand and Play Rampway Playset

All the above garage playsets from 1 to 4 were for toddlers and those doesn't need any assembly or integration of parts. But for kids above 3 years there are some garage playsets in the LEGO brand where all the fun and challenge is to build a garage by snapping the pieces together as per the instructions provided in the booklet or seeing the picture on the box. These plastic pieces are the building blocks of the playset and need to be assembled in such a way that finally the garage scene is ready to be played with. This is better to engage your kids in some sort of activity and enhance their creativity. You can consider buying no.5, no.6 and no.7 as below for such playsets. But these are very expensive as lot of things involved for the complete working of the playsets including the human figures. No.7 however being a small set is cheaper than no.5 and no.6.

5) LEGO City 7642: Garage
6) Lego City 4207 City Garage
7) LEGO DUPLO 5641 Busy Garage

If you don't need LEGO and need garage toys made from plastic for kids (not toddlers) than you should consider buying these below no.8 and no.9. These are the garage toys with five and six storey in the Molto brand. No any negative reviews yet for these two longest garage playsets. However these are just for pretend play and nothing automated which needs batteries. Just the great fun to make the vehicles move round and round longer time till reach the ground.

8) Molto 5417 5-Storey Garage
9) Molto 5414 6 Storey Toy Garage

If you are not a great fan of plastic toys and need something eco friendly than you should consider buying some of these great wooden garage toys as below which are mostly made from non-toxic chemically treated rubberwood. These playsets are also very popular among buyer's community as those are eco friendly. But prices are still not on the cheaper side as it requires great craftsmanship to manufacture such playsets made from wood. But functionality is almost same as those of plastic garage toys.

10) Plan Toys 6227 Parking Garage
11) Le Toy Van Mikes Auto Garage
12) Early Learning Centre - Wooden Garage
13) Kidkraft Deluxe Garage Set 17481 Activity Playset

One more option I can give you if you need a train garage toy instead of vehicle garage. Check below no.14 which is one of the most beautiful looking train garage toy with rolling doors and with very cheap prices. This is manufactured by very well know BRIO brand which also offer different types of other kids products.

14) BRIO 33574 Train Garage

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