How to increase Battery Life of your Mobile Phone?

Oh! My Battery gone
How do you feel when your cell phone gets switched off in the middle of an important conversation? This is certainly one of the most annoying moments for all of us. Poor battery life have always been one of the biggest irksome for mobile phone users. And with smart phones and androids, this issue has converted into a lingering malady. How to get rid of this? You can try some of the mentioned tips and trick to extend battery life of your mobile phone.

Find out the reason that is eating much of your phones battery life - There can be many factors behind low battery life of your mobile phone. You can figure out these issues and can find a solution accordingly to stop unwanted applications from sucking your handsets life juice.

Are you using too many applications at a time Usage of too many applications is the most common reason behind subdued battery life of smart phones. Normally people use an app and leave it on standby mode. This is the most common reason behind low battery life of android handsets. Hence, you should prefer closing an application after using it.

Turn off unnecessary hardware features Todays mobile phones are not just a phone. They are small box with the world inside. Thus, avant-garde features such as GPS (what GPS is used for in mobile phones?), bluetooth, wi-fi(used for wireless internet connection) are found in almost every handset. You should keep checking your handset and keep these features turned off(when not needed) to avoid the problem of a short battery life, as GPS, wi-fi and Bluetooth eat more battery than any other application.

Keep screen brightness at a balanced level This is a very important key in saving battery life of your mobile phone. A dim display screen will not only help you in running your handset for long but also it will aid you in keeping your eyes healthy. How much battery life you can squeeze out by dropping the brightness? Read at (do not worry its not any hacker site). Make use of this google app to lower the brightness of your mobile phone screen.

Keep your home page clear If home page (mobile desktop or mobile screen) of your handset is full of unnecessary widgets(small gadgets) and app icons, you cannot enjoy an increased battery life, as these widgets are great eater of mobile phones power juice. How to add and remove widgets?

Are you using a live wall paper keeping a dull wall paper might look odd but this is a great way of maintaining good battery life of mobile phones. Live wallpapers have become a rage in the present scenario but they play a major role in discharging the battery faster. Hence, if you want to keep your handset in charged mode for long, avoid going for heavy wall paper designs.

Keep your cell phones screen timeout shorter This is again a great idea to increase the period of charged mode of a mobile phone. You can do this by going to display setting menu of your mobile phone and setting "screen timeout" option for minimum time. This will lock your handsets display screen immediately which will save battery life of your mobile phone.

Do not keep your phone in vibrate mode Most of us always keep our phones vibration setting on. This is one of the biggest mistakes which we make. A vibrating tone uses much more power than a ringtone normally does. Hence, if you want your device to be power packed for hours, set it on ringtone mode.

Turn off mobile data connectivity when you are not using internet There are many applications which keep using mobile data connectivity. Such applications not only swallow up much of your mobile data but also eat up battery power of handset. You can avoid such situation by turning off mobile data connectivity. It will help you in saving power backup of your handset. How to disable mobile data connection?

Switch off unnecessary notification and set software update at manual mode These are two must do tasks to save mobile juice. Switching off of unnecessary notification will not allow notification app to consume battery life as well as manual setting of software update will give you freedom of updating software according to your comfort. In an automatic update setting, softwares keep updating themselves without informing you which results in poor power support.

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