Why Europe is the best Holiday Destination in Summer?

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When it comes to finding out the most preferred destination to spend summer holidays, every road seems to be heading towards Europe. The continent of Swiss Alps, Eiffel Tower and magnificent islands is loaded with enchantments that are rare elsewhere. But what exactly pushes this magical land to the number one position in the list of holiday destinations is its unity in diversity. Europe is the only continent where countries bind beyond boundaries. Check the article and know more about the factors which turn Europe in the best summer destination.

Swiss Alps They say there is no place in the world as beautiful as Switzerland. And its beauty gets magnified with picturesque Alps Mountain Range which is located amid the premises of the nation. These snowcapped mountain ranges offer their best view during June to September (this is the period of summer season is most of the nations). Hence, it becomes hard for expeditors of the planet to resist themselves from sinking the exhilarating beauty of Swiss Alps.

Istanbul Spanning between two continents of the world, Istanbul presents the real picture of east meets west. With a unique cultural mix, Istanbul is among the most beautiful cities of the world. Most importantly, this city is one of the best budget destinations across the world. Those, who want to relish the flavor and ambience of a majestic city, choose for nothing other than Istanbul in Europe.

Paris Europe's beauty and fashion capital is dream for many and reality for some. Located on the both sides of river Seine, this city is equally famous for its enthralling beauty and Eiffel Tower. A honeymooners paradise, Paris offers every pleasure what an ordinary traveler can ask for. And the parfait (French word for Perfect) time to visit Paris is summers (June to August.) So, who would like to go somewhere else when Paris calls for a trip of lifetime?

Wales Wales is the destination for all the tourists who want a break from hot days of summer and head towards a holiday destination that is green, serene and colder. Come here to enjoy its rugged beauty and spend some time at a picture perfect coastline. This European region is famous for its relaxed mood. People come here to take a break from their busy lifestyle and flow with the unhurried nature of Wales.

Finland Finland shines bright in summer after pushing away the darkness of winter. And this special summer entices such globetrotters who want to spend their holiday at a special location in a special setting.

Austria Austria is the destination for all those who want to go for a perfect holiday after taking break from sweating days of summer. Set in the middle of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic, this land locked country is famous for its cultural heritage, royal nature and cool temperature. No wonder, it ranks 9th in the list of most sought after destinations across the world.

Iceland There are numerous reasons which make people visit Europe and one of the most notable reasons is Iceland. A natural charisma in its own, Iceland is a delightful attraction for those tourists who enjoy nature's drama more than human parody. They come here to see glacier and hot springs together and find the place where lava fields merges into the green patch.

Our planet is divided into seven continents but no continent is as varied and united as Europe. Presenting the collage of different culture and atmosphere, Europe is the only continent where a traveler can go from one country to other on a uniform visa and can use single currency. (Note: This facility is valid for travelling in 22 member countries of European Union as well as 4 Schengen Area countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.)

Europe calls for an all inclusive travel experience keeping travelers' comfort on top which makes the continent top on the expedition list of honeymooners to common holidayers.

Written By : Anu Shakti,Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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