What to know about him before start Dating Seriously?

know him before start dating
Casual dating is a far cry from dating seriously or exclusively. As women, it is important to know who he is before we give him our hearts. I know it may seem obvious but do you know what kind of man you want? And is he it? When I was a little girl, my mom told me something that her mother told her. She said, write down exactly what you want in a man and don't settle for less. When I got out of high school, my list had obviously matured from tall, dark, and handsome, to respectful, intelligent, and God-fearing. My list hadn't changed much since then. So, before I start dating someone seriously or exclusively, I pull out my list.

So, what are the five things you should know about him before you start dating him seriously? Well, I am sure there is really no absolute answer to that but I have narrowed my list down to five important things. The most important for me as a Christian woman, is to know if he has a belief system and what is it? Does he believe that he is in charge of everything and there is no need for God because he has it all in control? Does he have faith in God or is he a strictly, if I can't see it then it isn't real, kind of guy? When dating him casually, simple observation will answer this question. Does he pray before he eats? Does he thank God when things go well or horrible?

The next thing you need to know about him is how he treats his mother, siblings, or other women in general. When casually dating does he look at other women openly and talk about how they look? When he talks about other women, his mother, or sisters does he refer to them as chicks, or other derogatory inappropriate names? This is important to you because if he talks about women like that then how does he really view you? In jest if he talks about hitting you or another woman that should be a red flag. If he will joke about it, then he may follow through, and could become abusive in the relationship.

The next big thing, while it seems trivial is, is he really your type? Some women will start dating a man because they received any kind of attention from them. Or they just got out of a bad relationship and are looking for anyone to make them forget the last guy. But, before you start seriously dating him, ask yourself, is he really your type? Going back to my list, when we write down the things we want in a man, we define our type. If you start dating someone and can't check off anything on that list, then maybe you shouldn't rush into dating so quickly. It is okay to be friends.

What company does he keep? It is important to know this before you start dating him exclusively. There is an old saying. Birds of a feather flock together. This isn't just a philosophy for women, it is for men too. If he hangs out with other men who openly disrespect women, who are obvious cheaters and alcoholics this may be a problem down the road. You are also known by the company you keep.

A not as important thing but still relevant is where does he work? I was raised to believe that, while women are perfectly capable of providing for themselves, and having great jobs, and being financial successful, it is a man job, so to speak, to provide for his counterpart. So find out where he works and how he makes an income is an important thing to know before you get serious. Are you always picking up the tab and leaving the tip when you go out? Does he always seem to have left his wallet at home when you are out on a date? This is just something to think about.

This list is based off of my personal experience. You may find other things that are more of a deal-breaker than the five that I have mentioned. This is just a little food for thought.

Written By: Marquitte Polite, United States

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