How do you Show a Boy that you like him?

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It's not always easy to show your feelings for someone when you're shy or unsure of how they will react when they find out. So here are just a few ways in which you can show them without giving too much away.

First of all, you need to make sure you have a lot of close contact with him, without being too clingy. For example sitting with him at lunch times, walking with him to and from school, sitting with him on the school bus etc. However, if you don't want to be too clingy, then try and recognise the signals he sends to you. He might act a little ignorant or uninterested or annoyed, this could mean several things, but I would advise you try to stay away a little and give him a bit of space. It could be because he isn't interested in you, girls in general or he has a lot going on and no time for girls/relationships.

Try to get to know some of the little details about him. Ask him simple questions like do you have any siblings? and depending on his response, expand more on the subject, or move on to a different question. If his response is yes, then ask about it a little more in detail like what is their age? or do you get on? etc. Then tell him a little more about you on the same subject. This will really get the conversation going. However, you don't want to interrogate him, so don't fire personal questions at him one after the other if he is answering short and bluntly, because he may get a little irritated by it, therefore putting him off or pushing him away.

Try to impress him with your talents or hobbies, but don't show off too much. A lot of boys like it when you have interesting talents or interests, especially if you are good at them. So why not show him or tell him about it? You can even teach him a little on how to play an instrument or how to draw, or let him join in and help you on a project. This also gives you an excuse to spend more time together without it becoming part of a routine in school time.

Do small gestures for him like helping him with his homework or buying him something small that shows you've taken notice in what he has said to you in the past. For example if he has been complaining about always losing his keys, buy him a key chain that will help him to stop losing them or something similar. This will just suggest to him that you're interested in the things he says and you think about him a lot. You could even help him by simply passing him a pencil when he needs one, and when you pass it to him, make sure your hands touch, look him in the eye and smile as you hand it over. This will show him you really care, and you're not afraid to get close to him. He'll also notice you as being kind and considerate for this, making an effort to help him out, giving him the attention he wants (but not too much).

If you are not already friends with him, then say hi, do one of the above things and become friends, then over time you will get closer. If you're too scared to talk to him first, then do something that appears accidental which forces the both of you to make contact with each other. For example, look the other way when you see him coming and accidentally bump into him lightly. This can provoke a reaction to say oh sorry and have a laugh about it, don't be awkward.

Once you are close friends, and it is clear that you both have an interest in each other, ask him out. Don't just go to the cinema, because films can be boring and you don't really have the chance to talk to him or make contact with him whilst sat watching a movie. Do something interesting, go to a museum, the park, a restaurant, anything that will allow you to stay connected and spend quality time together. However, if he declines you asking him out, you have to be prepared for this, he might not be ready or he might not want it at all. Make sure you are in a position where it won't ruin your friendship though, and if it does, it's not the end of the world! You'll always find someone else to make friends with.

Written By: Pippa Timmons (Stockport, United Kingdom)

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