How do you make your own basic Music Video?

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There are many people in the world who are talented enough to become big stars. However, these days it's becoming harder and harder to get noticed with just a recording of your song. Therefore, making a music video to go along with your track will make your song become more eye catching and easily noticed by people in the music industry such as record labels, famous artists etc.

Here are just 5 basic steps on how to make your own simple, effective music video.

First, ensure that you have your song recorded to an mp3 file. This is essential to your music video! You need to be able to import it into your video editing programme so that you can sync it up with your video later. Choose a song that you have written, or a song that you have covered.

If you haven't yet recorded your song, don't just use the microphone on your camera to record it because the quality will be fairly disappointing. If you have friends with decent recording equipment, arrange a time when you can either borrow their equipment or time to help get a decent recording of your song. Either this or use a programme such as Garageband or buy a fairly cheap, good quality mic off the internet. After all, you'll most likely be using it again.

Secondly, choose a location for your music video to take place. This could be inside or out. The video could have a storyline or not. The choice is entirely yours. However, I suggest making a video without a storyline to make the task more simple for you. If you are shooting your video outside, make sure it's the day time so you have enough light or inside where there is light shining through the windows, and not in a dark room.

Next you need to shoot your video. To do this, set your camera up on a tripod and record yourself singing your song a few times from different angles and different positions. These angles, positions and shot types include a basic waist shot, a wide angle shot, a close up of your mouth/face or get a friend to handhold the camera to give a different artistic and slightly shaky effect to the video.

Finally, when you have all the shots you need, you are ready to edit. You can use basic free programmes such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. However, these aren't brilliant for the standard you want. There is better software out there that isn't too expensive. For example, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X or Sony Vegas. These programmes all have similar features for you to use.

You need to import your music into the software and all the video clips you need. Line up your video clips with the mp3 track so that they are perfectly in sync, remove any audio that is on your video clips, and chop the clips up so that they are alternating between shots. Once you get the hang of the tools available on whichever software you use, it is an easy task to achieve, so don't give up if you get a little confused at first, it just takes some time to learn the ropes.

Now you have your basic music video completed, it's time to upload it to the internet! Share it across all your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace etc as this will make your friends and their friends aware of your musical talents. Another site that is essential for music video uploading is YouTube. YouTube is famous for music artists going from home videos to pop stars in just a few months of being recognised, talked about and hired by music record labels and famous music artists. So what are you waiting for? Show off your talents to the world!

Written By: Pippa Timmons (Stockport, United Kingdom)

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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