What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

Up until recently people didn't have too many options when it comes to file storage on their computers. Yes, most netbooks and ultrabooks come with solid-state drives (SSDs), but for a long time if you bought a desktop or any laptop other than an ultrabook, chances are you received a hard disk drive (HDD). However, as of late things seem to be changing. The prices of SSDs continue to fall year-over-year, which enables them to enter the mass market, and we can expect much more computers with already built-in solid-state drives.

Hard disk drive is the most common type of file storage on a computer. It basically consists of metal platters with a magnetic coating, which store your data. The platters are constantly spinning and the data is accessed using a read/write head. While solid-state drive essential does the same job of storing data, the key difference is the way it works. Instead on metal platters, the data is stored on flash memory chips, and there is no spinning, thus the name solid-state drive.

But, what makes an SSD so much better? Is it always better? We will try to explain the main advantages and disadvantages between SSDs and HDDs and help you choose the best option for you.


When it comes to speed, hard disk drives are no match for a solid-state drive. SSDs can offer 10 and in some cases even 100 times grater performance. Computers equipped with SSDs will easily boot in about 10 seconds compared to a minute or two, which is usual for an HDD. Of course, your applications will launch much faster, and copying or moving files will take very little time. So, in terms of speed SSDs take an easy win. (Why you should upgrade to a SSD drive? watch on youtube)


In case you don't like your computer making too much noise then solid-state drives take another win. Due to the lack of moving parts they make no noise at all, and they will never disturb your experience during movies or gaming, unlike HDDs that emit noise while spinning.


While this factor is not very important for desktop computer owners, it is extremely important for laptop users. People who are on the go want their notebooks as light as possible, and solid-state drives definitely help here they weight almost 10 times less.

Working temperature

As you might have guessed it, solid-state drives are cooler, since they require less power to operate, and with no moving parts they generate significantly less heat than hard disk drives.


As is the case with every technology that is new to the market, the number of SSD manufacturers is still low, and there are not many models to choose from. On the other hand, hard disk drives have been around for a long time and you can have many options when it comes to manufacturers and models with different capacities.


Like we mentioned before, HDDs have moving parts, which means they are much more vulnerable to shakes, drops and damage than SSDs.


Probably one of the most important factors is the price, and this time the winner is a hard disk drive. Since solid-state drives are quite new on the market, the prices are far from cheap. In comparison, for the price of an SSD that comes with 128 GB of memory you can buy 1024 GB (1 TB) hard disk drive.

When you consider everything the choice is simple if money represents no issue for you go for an SSD. You will get better read/write speeds, faster booting, less noise, lighter and more durable product. However, if you don't have too much money or you don't need fast speeds, buy a hard disk drive. Solid-state drives are definitely the future of computer storage, but if you are not an advanced user it might be better to wait a few years until the prices go down.

Solid State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drive Price and Performance Study

Written By : Dusan K., from Serbia(I.T Student)

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