What to do when in Chihuahua, Mexico?

Chihuahua, Mexico
Chihuahua, Mexico is a very historic city and is a very colonial city. The state is located in the northwestern section of Mexico and shares a border with the United States. It is the largest of the 31 states which comprise the United States of Mexico and is home to the Chihuhuan Desert. You can explore the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental or visit any of the historic cities. Today I will give you some suggestions of excellent historic sites in Chihuahua City. It is the birthplace of the Mexican revolution and you have a wide variety of choices when visiting historic sites.

1) Museo Casa Chihuahua (House of Chihuahua Museum)

This beautiful museum was once known as the Federal Palace of Chihuahua. It was a federal building for the city from the early 20th century until 2004, when it was decommissioned, and renovated then converted into a museum. It specializes in temporary exhibits and has a tribute exhibit in the basement to the Father of the Mexican Nation; Fr. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. He was the first leader in the rebellion against Mexico's colonial mother; Spain. The building as new exhibits quite often and is very large. If you like history then this is the place to go because everything from the building itself, to its furnishings, and then obviously its exhibits are exquisite. When you are done with your tour of the museum, feel free to walk across the street and check out another beautiful building; the Governor's Palace. This house features amazing murals and artwork with signs posted everywhere in both English and Spanish so you can learn about the exhibits.

2) Basilica de Chihuahua (Metropolitan Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross, Our lady of Regla, and St Francis of Assisi)

This colonial church was built in 1725, and has stood strong since then. It is an amazing building if you enjoy architecture since its fa'ade uses Solomonic columns and octagonal windows imported from Germany at the time. There are a lot of exquisite colored glass mosaics in the cathedral. As if this was not enough, there is also a collection of twelve monuments which represent the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and a clock above a crowned sculpture with an angel. It is an extremely interesting architectural work and there is a lot of artwork inside as well, and no matter when you go, there will always be people who are visiting. I highly recommend this as one of your stops when you are on vacation.

3) Museo Historico de la Revolucion (Historic Museum of the Mexican Revolution)

This museum is a 48 room mansion and was used by General Francisco Villa. It was once called La Quinta Luz which means the fifth light. When it was turned into a museum, it was used to display the history of the Mexican revolution and also houses a massive collection of General Villa's memorabilia. Many rooms were kept furnished as they were when it was in use and you can see the Bullet riddled car that he and his bodyguards were assassinated in, in 1923.

4) Quinta Gameros

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Chihuahua City and arguably one of the most beautiful in Mexico. It was built by a wealthy mine owner by the name of Manuel Gameros. He started construction of this palatial mansion in 1907 as a wedding present for his wife to be. It took 3 years to complete the construction; however she died before it was completed. Soon after it was constructed, the Mexican revolution began and the Gamero Family fled the country. It was later on used by the General Francisco Villa as offices. Today it is used as a museum and is furnished with art and furnishings from the early 1900's, which have been provided by the Universidad de Chihuahua (University of Chihuahua). It is one of the most amazing historical sites in Mexico and is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside from the walls, to the art, to the carved wood, stained glass, and gardens. It is a must see for any history buff.

Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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