What are the must see Destinations in Veracruz, Mexico?

Veracruz is one of the 31 states of Mexico and is divided into 12 sections. It is on the eastern border of Mexico and has one of the longest coastlines of any state. There is always a lot to do in a place like this, especially going to the beach, however since you can go to the beach anywhere, we will talk about some things to do that are non-beachy. Veracruz, like all other Mexican states has a very rich history and is home to Mayan ruins and Spanish forts. I will share with you some of the best tourist attractions in the state.

1) San Juan de Ulua (Castle)

This fort is a must see attraction for anyone who goes to Veracruz. It is a massive coastal castle which includes fortresses and prisons as well as an island with a palace. Step back to 1569 when the Spanish navy captured Sir John Hawkins English fleet. Fight off pirate from your harbor fortress. Look out to sea and walk around the fortress which has been extremely well preserved. After sitting there abandoned for years, the Mexican government decided to perform extensive renovations and turn it into a museum. Everything except the former presidential palace is open to the public for walking around. It is definitely an awe inspiring place to visit.

2) Canonero Guanajuato

The Canonero Guanajuato was a Gunship commissioned by Mexico to Spain along with 14 other gunships in 1932 and was used to serve the country in the Mexican navy up until 2001 when it was donated to the city of Boca Del Rio, where it currently rests in port and serves as an interactive naval museum. It is the first Interactive Naval Museum in Latin America and draws tourist from everywhere. The tours are guided by retired members of the Mexican navy and so they can answer any questions you may have about anything navy related. You can rent the deck for special events such as parties and gatherings. The entrance fees are set quite low and so it is a great and affordable place to visit if you are traveling with a group or have children with you.

3) Granja Interactiva de Patrulla Animal

Have you ever wanted to see parrots and snakes and sheep, and scarlet macaws all in the same place without having to pay to go to a zoo? Well then this is the place for you and your friends and family. This is an awesome interactive farm with exotic animals that you can touch them and feed. They provide many services such as the guided interactive farm visits on their sites as well as an interactive farm mobile service. The first tour is designed for adults and children in which you get a guided tour of all the animals as well as a guided tour of the herpetarium (reptile house). Their mobile service is what makes them stand out because they will actually bring the exotic reptiles and exotic animals to a location of your choosing for birthday parties and special events. They also have a very unique show, of which there are very few in the world. They have a bird and reptile show with live trained animals.

4) Laguna de Sontecomapan

This large estuary and lagoon offers cool refreshing water and breathtaking views. It is located on the coast of Catemaco and is fed by the mountain streams which flow from the San Martin Tuxtla volcano. Because of its location, the lagoon water is brackish (mix of salt and fresh water). There are many beaches and sand dunes which serve as the nesting grounds of many endangered species of marine turtles including the Kemp Ridleys and Leatherbacks. There are over 30 endangered and threatened species of animals and plants living in the surrounding mangrove forests and outlying areas. I think this is one of the must see attractions of Veracruz, however you will need to make sure you bring your sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of water in order to survive the adventure here.

Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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