Is Mexicos Distrito Federal more than just a place for Business?

Mexico City
For all of you who were wondering, the answer is yes. Mexico City, the capital of Mexico is known as Mexico D.F. (Distrito Federal) and is the seat of the Mexican federal government. It is the largest city in Mexico with a massive metropolitan population of 21.2 million people, however only about 9 million people live in the city proper. The city was originally built by the Aztecs in 1325 AD and was named Tenochtitlan. It was later destroyed by Spanish conquistadores in 1521.

Mexico City is an extremely large and very historic city. I will act as your virtual guide and tell you my favorite places that I recommend for anyone visiting D.F. There is always something to do here and there is something for everyone.

1) Chapultepec Castle

This amazing World UNESCO heritage site is located in Mexico City on top of Chapultepec hill. Construction of this massive castle was started in 1780 by the viceroy Matias Galvez as a personal residence. It was later used as a military school and was one of the last standing castles in the defense against the American invasion in 1847. In the 13 years later in 1860 the emperor Maximillian of Hapsburg took the castle and made it his personal residence and was remodeled to include breathtaking gardens and modernizing (for the times) the interior with intricate decorations.

In the years that followed his stay there, it became the official residence of Mexico's Presidents until 1940 when Lazaro Cardenas turned into a national history museum. It is a must see destination because it houses priceless art and historical objects and tells the history of Mexico and offers one of the most beautiful views in all of Mexico.

2) Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo museum which is also known as the Casa Azul (blue house) because of its iconic cobalt blue walls was the house where she was born and died. Frida Kahlo was one of Mexico's premier artists and so the museum is dedicated to her work and her life. The museum contains work from her, her husband Diego Rivera (another prominent artist) as well as other artists, photos, memorabilia, and her home. While they do not allow visitors to take pictures inside the museum, you can buy prints of any artwork you see in the museum. The outside garden is also beautiful and you are allowed to take pictures here. Most of the house has remained as it was in the 50's and for this reason; it is one of the most popular museums in Mexico City.

3) Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

Xochimilco was the agricultural center of Tenochtitlan 500 years ago. It literally translates from Nahuatl Maya into English as the Garden of Flowers because of the flowers which line the streets of the city and the rooftop gardens. It was declared a Cultural Heritage site in 1987 by UNESCO. Though there isn't much to do other than the floating tour, it is still in my opinion, a must see destination. There are two main options when visiting Xochimilco which are the ecological park which is north of the town and the traditional area. In both of these destinations, you have the option of bird watching and hiking. The canals are my personal recommendation because you can take rides in Trajineras (very brightly colored squarish barge like boats).

You can get on the restaurant and bar boats or just the tour boats and you even have the option to hire a mariachi band to serenade you while you sit and eat as they float by in their own boats. You will have beautiful views and enjoy a nice relaxing boat ride. Another interesting option on the boat rides is to ask your ferryman to take you to the Apatlaco canal where there is a conservation project implemented by one family to preserve and increase the population of the endangered axolotl salamanders.

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Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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