How to choose the best Laptop?

In case you are not very familiar with the latest hardware and computers, choosing the right laptop can be quite tricky. We have created this guide to inform people about the options, and hopefully help them find a perfect match.

The first step to choosing a laptop that suits you the best is asking yourself what will you use it for and where. This will help you define what type of laptop you are searching for; whether you need just a simple computer that you will use for browsing, word processing and occasional photo editing or you need more powerful laptop that can handle video editing and video games as well. Let's go over the most common laptop types:

Cheap laptops

The cheap laptop targets several types of people students, people on a budget, older people who don't need powerful computers etc. It could be a great first-time computer as well. Although it's not comparable to desktop computers in terms of power for the price you pay, it is good enough for basic tasks and allows you to be portable. Of course, if you buy a cheap laptop (buying best cheap laptop) in most cases you can expect somewhat bad and bulky design with the case made of plastic and other cheap materials. Also, keep in mind you will almost never receive the latest processors and memory and this is understandable. If you are not an advanced user and you don't mind the design, there is no need to buy an expensive notebook.

Ultrabooks � ultraportable laptops

These laptops are made with portability in mind, therefore they are great for people who travel a lot, and need a laptop by their side throughout the day. Although they shouldn't be your main computer, they are still great for work on the go, and newer versions of these laptops are actually quite powerful for such a small computer. Ultrabooks are often fast to boot and open applications, since they use SSD instead of hard disk drives(difference between SSD and Hard Disk), and often feature fast RAM memory. They come with different sized displays, usually from 11' to 14'. In terms of design, they are very thin and pleasing to the eye and often made out of aluminum or similar high-quality materials. One of the first examples of an ultrabook was Apple's Macbook Air. In many ways it defined the look and feel of today's ultrabooks. Of course, if you prefer Windows over Mac OS X (difference between Windows and Mac OS X) almost every laptop manufacturer has their own take on it, including Sony, Samsung, HP etc. (Best Ultrabook: 17 top thin and light laptops)

Multimedia laptops

Multimedia laptops are perfect for users who like to use their laptop for entertainment playing video games, watching movies and TV shows or listening to music. However, they can be used for work as well e.g. video editing, since they often feature good quality processors (which processor is best for your laptop?), and dedicated graphics card (which graphic card do I need?). Since their primary focus is users who consume a lot of entertainment, multimedia laptops come with bigger screens anywhere from 15' to 17'. Portability is still an option with these laptops, although you should avoid taking them on flights and long travels, as it can be quite exhausting to carry one of these huge and heavy laptops.

Desktop-Replacement laptops

A desktop-replacement laptop is a large laptop that aims at people who want the performance and big display they would receive with a desktop computer, but still want the option of moving it from room to room without too much hassle. Screen sizes can be anywhere from 16' to 19', and they usually weight 8-12 pounds (3.6- 5.4 kg), making them hard to carry around. These machines usually come with top-of-the-line quad core processors, a lot of memory and powerful graphics card. Of course, all that power comes with the price so don't be surprised to pay over $2000 if you want a really fast laptop. This category targets two types of people professionals such as photographers or video editors for example, as well as gamers, who need the latest CPUs and graphic cards to be able to play the latest games.

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Written By : Dusan K., from Serbia(I.T Student)

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