Which are the best Mickey Mouse Toys to Buy?

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is an animal cartoon character appearing in television program 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' which is shown on Disney Channel in United States. Toys related to Mickey Mouse are a lot. It will depend on you what type of Mickey Mouse toy you need. Let's take into consideration one by one.

It may be that you only need a plush or soft toy which depicts the Mickey Mouse itself. If you need such a toy than the best would be these as below no.1 and no.2 which have got perfect customer reviews on amazon and also very cheap in price. These simply are stuffed toys and don't perform any actions and doesn't need any batteries. This is the cheapest option for you. These are only good to cuddle the Mickey Mouse.

1) Disney 10-inch Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey Soft Toy
2) Mickey Mouse Club House 24-inch Mickey Core Plush

But if you want that Mickey soft toy should actually entertain your child through some sort of actions like dancing or break dancing than you should consider buying the below no.3 toy which however cannot operate without batteries as the dancing actions are done with the help of batteries only. This is most exciting and most sold item and we would rate it no.1 in Mickey Mouse range but its bit expensive but worth the money as this toy shows off more than 15 dance moves.

3) Mickey Mouse Club House Master Moves Mickey

If just dancing is not enough for you and you also expect Mickey soft toy to utter jokes, fun phrases and also sing than you should go with this below no.4 Mickey Mouse Soft Toy which is also highly rated by the buyers and lot of purchases being made for this item during Christmas. It's also a bit expensive but of course cheaper than the above no.3. This is recommended most because it can perform more actions and also a soft toy and also prices are cheaper than no.3. Batteries would be needed and supplied along with the purchase.

4) Mickey Mouse Hot Dog Dancer

You can try one more Mickey toy that is similar to no. 3 and no. 4 above as it can also walk and dance as the music comes out from the toy. But if you need something more exciting that kids can enjoy like moondance and moonwalk than consider buying this below no.5 toy which can walk and dance on six different songs. This toy also has got perfect ratings on amazon but again on the expensive side and even expensive than no.4 but still cheaper than no.3.

5) Dance Star Mickey by Mattel

If you are not looking for soft toys depicting Mickey Mouse itself as above but need some playsets where Mickey Mouse is just one small figure along with other toys in the playset than there are lot of such toy playsets as well and lets talk about them.

Here are two similar playsets as below no.6 and no.7 where Mickey is just a small figure made from plastic. One playsets is mainly a rocket where the Mickey is supposed to sit into the cabin and pretend to blast off into the space. You will also find a countdown toy used for space mission and also some cool music coming out from the rocket similar to the real space shuttle. The other playset is just good if your child want to pretend the working of an aeroplane where Mickey is the pilot and Donald Duck as the co-pilot along with conveyor belt for luggage. These would also cost you less than the above dancing Mickey Character toys.

6) Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse Space Rocket
7) Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Jet

What else you want you're favorite Mickey Mouse Character to do? If Mickey can drive rocket and aeroplane as above you also expect Mickey to drive the car. Here is a remote control car toy as below no. 8 with Mickey figure as the driver. Your child would certainly love to control the car with his favorite character on the driver's seat. Its definitely much cheaper than the above no.6 and no.7.

8) Mickey Mouse Remote Control Car

If you really need a more better Mickey playset than 6,7 and 8 than you should go with this below no.9 as it involves more activities for the child to explore. This playset is more better in the sense that it involves a tool to create your own adventure or solve problems just like on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show.

9) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset

If you think Mickey should always be with you in your pocket than you should consider buying this no.10 keychain with 3d Mickey Mouse figure attached to it made from plastic.

10) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3D Keychain Key Ring

There may be some other toys related to Mickey Mouse in the marketplace but we consider the above 10 as the best. In Mickey Plush Toys we consider no.3 above as the number one choice and in the playsets we consider no.9 as the number one choice to buy. Hope the review helps.

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