How to build a great Computer Repair Kit?

Computer Repair Kit
As a computer repairman or technician, you will need to have a great pc repair toolkit. Today I will give you a short lesson of what to buy and include in your kit based on my own one. I will cut it down to the bare minimum, 11 things, required to be prepared for almost any situation.

1) iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit (

This driver kit comes equipped with 54 unique 4 millimeter bits as well as a inch adapter to use the bits in standard drivers. It comes with an anodized aluminum magnetized driver handle with a ball bearing swivel top and rubber O-ring grips, making it a must have piece for your toolkit.

2) Microstream Pen Light (

This flashlight is ideal for working on computers because it has a powerful c4 led technology and up to 50,000 hours of life. It is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, making it the ideal tool for working on those hard to see places.

3) TRENDNET Crimp/Cut/Strip tool (

This tool is a necessity for making new Ethernet cables and cutting old ones and is also ideal for replacing old damaged RJ45 Connectors on old cables. It can crimp 6 and 8 position modular plugs and is lightweight and durable.

4) Network Cable tester ( )

Any generic testing tool will work for your kit, however the important thing is that you have one. This tool will allow you to test Ethernet cables for shorts, open wires, crossing pairs of other wire related problems.

5) Classic Swiss Army Knife (

This is a great tool to have in general because it is handy to have a little knife and tweezers if you need to pick out small objects from circuit boards, however I find that the most useful thing is the small pair of scissors available with it which I use to cut wires precisely.

6) Power Supply Tester (

I think any power supply tester will work for you, however I really love this particular model because it has an extremely accurate reading and it has a power signal feature which will warn you when your power levels as well as voltage are off balance.

7) Hiren's Boot CD or Ultimate Boot CD ( AND )

Either one of these or both if you feel the need for them as I do, are an essential part of any PC repair kit. Hiren's Boot CD is a computer technician's best buddy because it is a bootable cd which contains a vast number of tools that you can use for troubleshooting purposes or repair on even the most trashed of machines. The Ultimate Boot CD is simply another option that you can use for computer troubleshooting and recovery. In the odd case where Hiren is unsuccessful in helping you complete your repair task, then you could try Ultimate Boot CD.

8) iFixit Spudger (

I find myself using this tool on almost every single laptop I have ever worked on. It is a 6 inch antistatic probe with one flat end and one pointed end. It is great for opening up cases when they just won't cooperate or to disconnect small cables without compromising their integrity.

9) Windows 7 and Vista DVD's, and a Windows XP CD

This is almost a no brainer because you never know when a system will be so corrupted that you simply need to wipe them and reinstall an OS or use the recovery disks to try to restore them.

10) Blank CD's and DVD's

Wherever I go I carry extra blanks, just in case a client needs a copy of something I have, whether it be Hiren's Boot CD, or other programs. It is also handy if you want to create a system restore disk so they have it or you have it for future use.

11) 30 Foot Cat 6 Ethernet Cable and RJ45 Connectors

It is always important to have an ethernet cable with you in case the place where you are working has no wireless network. Why do I need 30 feet you may ask; well the answer is simple. If you are sitting somewhere and you need to move with your laptop and still need internet, you can go up to 30 feet away from the modem. It is also handy when you carry extra connectors because if the client needs an extra cable, you can cut and crimp him or her extra 1 or 2 foot piece of your own Ethernet cable and give it to them.

Written by: Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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