How to make your computer run more efficiently or faster?

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Is your computer running slowly or do you need more space on your hard drive? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about a few tips and tricks you can use to make your computer run more efficiently or faster.

1) It is important that you run regular virus scans on your computer, especially if you download a lot of files from the internet. There are many free options as well as paid options for Anti-Virus programs. If you don’t yet have one on your computer, it is important to install one. After it installs make sure that it has permission to run in the background at all times because this will actively protect the computer and allow you to browse the internet worry free. Sometimes, viruses can be missed though and so it is important to do manual scans or schedule a complete hard drive scan at least once a month. For some great antivirus programs check here: Most antivirus programs have either a 30 day free trial or a fully functional free version with a few less features than the paid versions. If you need completely free and best anti-virus software go with microsoft security essentials which is quite good for personal computers with OS as windows.

2) It is also very important to clear your internet browsing data often because every site you visit stores temporary files on your computer whether you realize it or not. This will affect your computer’s speed in the long run; especially on older machines the easiest way to do this will be to use the cleanup option in your browser.

a. For Google Chrome, you can either click on the upper right hand side of your browser where you see three lines and choose “Settings” from the menu. Scroll down on the page till you see “Privacy” and then “Clear Browsing Data. An easier way to do this will be to hold down “Control” and “Shift” on your keyboard and then type the word “delete.” This will give you a small popup menu like the one you will see if you follow the previous method. Select the data you want to erase and then the time frame and click clear browsing data. Visit for more.

b. For Safari Browser, go to the “Edit Menu” and select “Empty Cache”, confirm it and you are done.

c. Microsoft internet explorer will have an option in the “Internet Options” menu called “General.” Navigate here and then look for “Browsing History” then press “Delete.”

d. Lastly, if you are using the Firefox browser from Mozilla, open the “Options” window from the dropdown menu and select the “Advanced” tab. Find “Network” and then “Offline Web Content” and click clear in order to remove your data.

3) The next thing we can do to keep our computer clean and running well is to run Maintenance on the hard drive. The main tools which you will use are Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup which can be found on your computer through “Start > Accessories > System > Tools.” Disk Defragmenter will organize the data on your computer so your computer can find them more quickly and run more efficiently. The Disk Cleanup option will first analyze your hard drive which can take anywhere from 1-10 minutes and will then give you several options for cleaning up the computer as well as an option to clean up System Files. If for any reason you cannot find the tools in your start menu, simply search for them using the windows search function. Most hard drives are inbuilt in computers but you can also make use of portable external hard drives, which can be connected to your computer using USB cables, to protect your data.

4) The last thing we will do to ensure that our computer is clean and runs faster will be to open up our “Control Panel” and remove any unwanted or unused programs. Go to the control panel and look for “Add/Remove Programs” (for older computers) OR “Programs and Features” (for newer systems). Highlight the programs you do not need anymore and see if there is an option to completely uninstall and if there isn’t, then just uninstall it normally.

Written by: Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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