Which are the best Puppy Toys to Buy?

Puppy toys can be of different types. There are some puppy toys which run on batteries. With the help of batteries they can walk on the ground and also can make puppy sounds like barking and also can jump sometimes. Another great feature of some puppy toys is that they are soft or plush toys and so the children would love to cuddle them. If you need such toys consider buying these two as below.

1)Hasbro 26912 FurReal Friends
2)Animagic Sunny My Pick Me Up Puppy Soft Toy

There are other puppy toys which are manufactured with the motive of creating a replica of some real life Dog Breeds like German Shepherd, Husky, Border Collie, Labrador, Jack Russell Terrier and more. They really have lifelike expression. Keel Toys is the most popular toy company for making puppy toys in different breeds. Such toys are also soft toys and good to cuddle but they don't run on batteries. They are only good to cuddle and keep as a show piece in your kid's room but does not perform any actions like barking or walking or talking. Sometimes these are also washable and meet safety standards. Such toys are models of real life Dog Breeds. If you need such puppy toys consider buying these below toys.

1)Keel Toys 30cm Alsatian (based on German Shepherd dog breed called Nero)
2)Storm Husky Soft Toy Dog (based on Husky Dog Breed)
3)Keel Toys 35cm Jessie Border Collie (based on Border Collies dog breed)
4)Melissa & Doug Plush Jack Russell Terrier (based on Jack Russell Terrier breed)

There are some puppy toys which are specifically made to entertain the babies and also make them learn something in the process. Such toys would play songs, music, lullabies and also talk but usually smaller in size than other puppy toys which are models of real dog breeds. These are most popular and sold in good quantity. Never the less they are also good to cuddle as they are made from soft fabric. But these also require batteries to operate and so are called electronic puppy toys. But these plush toys don't have the feature of barking which is the major feature of a puppy. These two below toys (only varies in color) from Leapfrog company are best which meets requirements as above.

1)LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Violet
2)LeapFrog My Puppy Pal Scout (Green)

Still need more puppy toys which can make your babies to learn? Here is one of the best puppy toys from Fisher Price which can actually help your baby to learn ABC.., 123.., body parts and colors. Also good to entertain babies as it sings songs and can also play games.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

There are also some puppy toys which can be pulled with the help of a string attached and different actions (like eyes will twinkle, tale will move) are produced while the toy moves ahead when pulled. But such toys are not the plush or soft toys but they are made from plastic. But these toys are good enough to keep toddlers busy while they move all around the home with them. Below are two examples of such toys

1)Fisher-Price Lil' Snoopy
2)Pintoy Pull-along Puppy

Another most exciting types of puppy toys are which can actually backflip while running on the batteries. This is simply an unbelievable discovery. If you don't understand what backflip action is just watch such a toy in action in the below youtube video and you will better understand. Here are examples of two such toys

1)Flippin Puppy dog by Tobar
2)New Flippin Puppy dog - Labrador

Puppy toys may also come in the form of small figures for pretend play by children. They are better called as playsets. Such playsets would not only contain puppy or dog figures but would also come with human figures that will be pretended to control the puppy figures as their owner. Such playsets are based on various themes like it may be a farm house playset to keep animals in the farm house and serve them and treat them as when needed or something like a dog clinic with all toy equipment included which are needed for a dog clinic along with figures. If you are interested in such playsets you can consider buying as below

1)Playmobil 5125 Dog Family
2)Playmobil Vet With Dog 4750

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