How to remain Healthy?

seven chakras in human body So wondering how you can remain healthy? According to me a person becomes unhealthy when he does something wrong in life. If you are unaware I want to tell that there are seven chakras and a Kundalini power inside every human being. Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. Any defect in any of the chakras makes a person unhealthy. Let me first list the chakras in the order from bottom to top in the human body.

Mooladhara > Swadishthan > Nabhi and The Void > The Heart or Anahat > Vishuddhi > Agnya > Sahasrara

Each of the seven chakras is associated with Deities. Like Lord Ganesha Deity is associated with Mooladhara Chakra. When you make Lord Ganesha unhappy in some way, your Mooladhara Chakra get defeated and stop functioning partially or completely. You may wonder why Lord Ganesha or any other Deity becomes unhappy with you. The answer is simple, they become unhappy when you do something wrong in life. To give you an example, some people do sex (with their opposite partners) before marriage. Sex before marriage is sin and Lord Ganesha becomes unhappy when you do this. As a result your Mooladhara Chakra gets defeated. Since giving birth to a child is associated with Mooladhara Chakra, some parents lead their life without children as defected mooladhara (whether of husband or wife) don't let them produce children. This really makes you unhealthy when you live in a human society and you don't have your own children. This is just one reason for the catch of Mooladhara Chakra. You may also suffer from diseases like AIDS if your Mooladha Chakra is defected.

Similarly there are several other kinds of wrong things a person do in his/her life and as a result it makes the chakras to catch. To give you another example, some people all the time complain God that he never did justice with their life. Some people don't trust God at all and never miss any chance to abuse God and they have lot of ego in them. Such people ultimately suffer from paralysis attack. Just watch the Indian movie 'O MY GOD' and you can see how the actor Paresh Rawal ultimately suffered from paralysis attack for being atheist. He had that ego that he does everything for his family and God does nothing and infact he did not even believe in the existence of God. This movie received best social movie award in India. So when you do the sin of abusing God without any reason you suffer and become unhealthy. To give you another example some people smoke too much. If you smoke too much, Vishuddhi chakra catches whose Deity is Vishnumaya. Vishnumaya doesn't like smoking and as result you become even vulnerable to cancer of the throat and even ear and nose related health issues. You might also have noticed when you are angry with someone and don't forgive him, it gives you headache. Jesus Christ is located at Aganya Chakra and he has said to forgive everyone. So again it makes you unhealthy when you don't have the quality of forgiveness.

Do you know why some people get heart attack? This is because of their extreme materialistic nature. Those right sided people don't give any attention to their soul and most of the time worrying about their family and thinking too much of the future. In such a case their heart becomes overactive and starts to pump more blood, and over works itself and get tired. So again you become unhealthy because of your mistakes to go beyond limitations and forgetting your soul. So it's important in life to relax and pay attention to your soul as well. Lord Shiva resides in your left Heart Chakra which is the home of your soul. You should pray to Shiva and ask him to forgive you for being overactive due to materialistic nature. I want to tell you one more thing which is against the soul. Like some people do hatha yoga and pranayam (a sort of breathing exercise) too much. You don't need to do this to make yourself fit. This is against your soul. As a result of it you may suffer and your body may shiver.

So do you consider all these things as myth and don't trust? If you don't trust then you have some problem with faith and trust in God. But you can test and experiment with different people and you will realize in the end that all the health issues a person suffers from is because of one or more mistakes he has done in his current or previous lives. If you really want to go in depth of this subject, first of all learn about all the seven chakras in human body as each chakra is associated with some spiritual quality. Just go to below url to learn about these 7 chakras.

Once you are aware of the various qualities of each of the seven chakras, just go to > health issues or diseases associated with faults in chakras and download the word doc. This will make you completely understand why human beings suffer and causes of it.

Once you go through all the above Sahaja Yoga documents it will make it clear the causes of being unhealthy. Now to remain healthy you need to avoid mistakes which could damage your chakras in the body. And if you want to become more healthier in life start meditating as meditation is the only way to make your body chakras more powerful. Go to how to meditate for more information and also visit benefits of meditation.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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