Which are the Deities associated with the 7 Chakras in the body?

According to Sahaja Yoga there are seven (7) chakras and a kundalini power (see chart below) located inside every human being and each chakra in the body is governed by a Deity as below.

Left Mooladhara Chakra Shree Nirmal Ganesha (this chakra catches when you become immoral in someway and follow false gurus like Rajneesh who ask people to search God through sex)

Right Mooladhara Chakra Shree Kartikye (this catches when you do not respect your chastity like sex before marriage). People become impotent due to problems in mooladhara chakra. Clear this chakra to get rid of impotence)

Center Mooladhara Chakra Shree Gauri Ganesh (Gauri gets angry and this chakra catches when some unauthorized person like false gurus try to awaken kundalini or do bhoot vidhya and tantra vidhya)

Swadishthan Chakra (left) Brahma and Saraswati (take mantra of Nirmal Vidhya to clear left swadishthan. It mostly catches when some dead spirit given by false gurus enter your body.)

Swadishthan Chakra (middle) Brahma and Saraswati (take mantra of Brahmdev Saraswati)

Right Swadishthan Chakra Shree Hajrat Ali Fatimah (the problem arises in this chakra when you over think and do a lot of future planning leading to diabetes disease)

Nabhi Chakra (middle) Shree Vishnu and Laxmi (miserliness is mostly the cause for this chakra to catch)

Left Nabhi Chakra Shree Griha-Laxmi (chakra of relationship with your spouse. If husband wife relationship is not good this will catch)

Right Nabhi Chakra Shree Raj Laxmi (liver here : chakra of attention: Put ice pack here if it catches. Use of alcohol is the major cause for its catch)

Void Chakra Shree Adi Guru Datatriya (this chakra is around nabhi chakra and 10 incarnations of Adi Guru resides here. This chakra may catch if you do not respect all religions equally or if you go to false gurus.)

The Heart or Anahat Chakra (middle) - Maa Jagdamba and Durga Mata (if you have fear and insecurity clear this chakra). If you have breast cancer this chakra is catching.

Left Heart Chakra - Lord Shiva (the soul resides on this chakra. When you go against your soul it catches like doing hatha yoga). If you are not materialistic and respect your soul then your this chakra is strong.

Right Heart Chakra - Shree Sita and Rama (Relationship with father and son: clear this if you have asthma problem. If your relationship with father or son is not good this may catch)

Vishuddhi Chakra (middle) - Lord Krishna ( this chakra catches if you smoke too much)

Left Vishuddhi Chakra Shree Vishnu Maya (sister of Lord Krishna: clear this chakra if you have guilt). This usually catches when you don't keep the dignity in a relationship. If a 50-year-old man is marrying a 20-year girl then it's not a good dignity. If you want to marry your sister or mother then it's also not a good dignity.

Right Vishuddhi Chakra Shree Vithal Rukmani (clear this if you speak harshly or unkindly to others)

Aganya Chakra (middle) Jesus Christ (chakra of forgiveness. If you have ego this chakra catches. So you should forgive.)

Aganya Chakra (left) Shree Mahaveer

Aganya Chakra (right) Mahatma Budha

Sahasrara Chakra Shree Nirmala Devi (Founder of Sahaja Yoga who opened this chakra in 1970)

seven chakras in human body

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