Adolf Hitler, how could he do such terrible things?

Adolf Hitler
True evil, is the corruption of ones spirit and soul. Many things can make a person evil. Things like a disturbing childhood, a tragedy, or just something that snaps in the mind. People are not born evil and normally they do not wake up in the morning asking themselves what terrible things can I do today? No, something leads a person down the road of evil and cruelty, something that corrupts the mind. Such a man in the history who spread his evil far and wide and whose evil deeds will never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of some people, existed not too long ago and named as Adolf Hitler, the man almost single-handedly was responsible for one of the bloodiest wars in history. He did many terrible things in his time such as cold blooded murder, betrayal, and sabotage. Some of his methods of punishing those he did not like were twisted and he left many people wondering, how he could do such terrible, inhumane things?

Hitlers childhood was not what most would call pleasant. Many of his siblings died while he was a boy leaving him around death and grief all the time. Hitlers father, suffering from his own grief of the losses, had many affairs with women who were not Hitlers mother. Hitlers father was also a strict abusive man who used to beat Hitler regularly, deepening the hate Hitler had for his father. Adolf Hitlers father died when Adolf was a young teen, leaving him in the care of his mother who Hitler loved very much. However, Hitler did not have his mother to himself for long before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, fed dangerous pills by a jewish doctor, and then died when Hitler was only sixteen. Hitler was now an orphan, left to survive on his own with hardly any money to his name. By this time, Hitler had experienced much tragedy and feelings of hate toward both his father and the jewish doctor who had tried to treat his mother, and now he had been left alone to fend for himself.

As Hitler got older, life did not seem to show him any slack. He eventually was forced to serve in the army where he developed his keen instinct for politics and his taste for war. He fought four long years during "World War One" as a foot soldier having seen his first battle only two months after he had begun fighting. Hitler, after years of being homeless and found alone, he felt he belonged somewhere during World War One and that he was doing his homeland a great deed by fighting. He developed his sense of pride during this time, but it did not last due to the defeat of Germany. Hitler having felt so much pride for his country, began blaming politicians and Jewish people for the defeat of Germany.

After the first war, Hitler felt in his heart he knew how to regain the pride he had once felt in his country by entering politics. He found he was very good at public speaking and it took him no time at all to get to a level of power and gain a little say in what should happen in Germany. Yet, he was hit again with another set back when he crossed the line and had to serve nine months in a political prison. He was soon set free and once again, he used politics and his ability for public speaking to climb back up the ranks, only this time he would not stop until he had all the power and control of Germany.

Hitlers deep hate that was seeded in him from childhood and all the bitterness he had suffered throughout his life was thrust upon his enemies with full force. Anyone who Hitler deemed impure was put to death. Hitler had concentration, and extermination camps built in his territory where inhumane acts against Jewish people and anyone who disobeyed Hitlers rule were sent to work for the rest of their lives, starve, die of disease, or be gassed or burned alive. Families were separated and there was no mercy for women or children. Hitler occupied other countries by betraying them with peace treaties then breaking the treaties. He turned countries against each other with lies and he did all this truly thinking he was doing what was best for Germany. Needless to say, he lost the war that he started and by the time it was fully over, Hitler committed suicide and died alone. Yes, people can do terrible things, but this world can be terribly cruel to some.

This lecture on youtube video by Shri Mataji tells that seeing colors while doing meditaion on aganaya without kundalini awakening is going to collective superconscious where all dead and egotistical people exist. They can see gandharwas and kinaras because they go to gandharwalok. But doing that is dangerous as you may get caught by dead spirit and get possessed by ego. Hitler was one example of that. He learnt this from Tibetan Lamas how to go to collective superconscious. From this we can say Hitler was possessed. The video is long but its clearly mentioned if you see the full video. When you get possessed you do all terrible things. Possessed people are not normal people as there are satanic forces acting on them if they are possessed on right side.

Written by : Shannon Garcia, United States

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