Android Phone or iPhone, which one is Superior?

Android or iPhone
Over time, computer technology has grown into something amazing. It started out with boxed computers that barely had any animation or color, then the discovery of Microsoft office and internet. Next came Wi-Fi and laptops and flat screen computers. (Well maybe not exactly in that order!) Now, we have internet capable smart phones that can be used to effectively browse the web and even become a hot spot for other devices to connect to the web. Smart phones are capable of doing almost all the same things as a computer, aside from having as much storage space and attaching files to certain websites. Smart phones are also capable of making phone calls. (Computers are capable of making phone calls but you need a microphone and the software and proper set up.) Though there are different types of smartphones,the two main types are android phones and iPhones. Each phone comes with its own special features and perks, so the question remains; which one is superior?

First, let us take a look at the build of each phone. Iphones only offer different colors, they do not come in different shapes or sizes, while android phones can vary in shape, size, and color. In other words if you are looking for variety, androids phones are the way to go! Second, let us look at each phones updating system. If you are looking for updates for your phone as soon as they are released the iPhone is your best bet because android manufacturers are slower at releasing updates.

Third, let us go over app features. Each phone offers the same amount of apps, however the iPhone is said to have better quality apps due to the fact that there is only one variation of the phone where as, as I stated earlier, androids come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Imagine trying to develop apps that fit over 800 different types and variations of androids compared to only having to develop one app for one type of phone. Clearly, the iPhone wins this one. (Keep in mind though, iPhones usually want you to buy the apps rather than getting them for free.)

Next, let us take a look at the battery life of each phone because no one wants a phone that cannot hold on its own against excessive use. If you use your phone a lot, this is a very important part to knowing which phone is right for you. Naturally, the more you use your phone the more battery life you consume. So, if you only use your phone to make phone calls, you most likely are not going to need your battery charged for at least few days. If you are on the internet and doing different things on your phone through out the day, no matter if you have an android or iPhone, you are going to have to charge the battery often.

This is a hard feature to determine a winner with because there are so many factors that contribute to battery life. Though with android phones you can buy high capacity batteries that replace the manufacturers battery and have longer life, you cannot change iPhone batteries. Android would win this one, especially if the buyer is on his/her phone often, but not by a lot.

Finally, let us look at screen size. Androids are known for bigger screens because they come in different shapes and sizes. Iphones have one size screen. It would be up to the buyer on which phone fits their preference. Do you want a bigger screen or a smaller screen? Which one fits in your pocket better? If you are a teenager, which phone can you hide from your teachers better? These are important questions when deciding which phone to purchase.

When deciding which phone is superior, that is also up to the buyer. Do you want variety when choosing the shape, color and size of your phone, or are you looking for a simple phone? Are you looking for updates as soon as they come out, or could you care less? Are you into downloading a lot of apps or are you just looking to text and make phone calls? Are you a big phone user who constantly needs a phone charger? Do you like bigger or smaller screens? Androids and iPhones both have their own perks, but when deciding which one is better, everyone has a different opinion.

Written by : Shannon Garcia, United States

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