How to sync multiple Google and Facebook calendars and others with the iPad?

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The iPad is a great business tool which you can use to manage emails and social media accounts as well as make presentations and write papers; however one of the drawbacks is that the iPad's calendar doesn't sync well with multiple Google calendars. Today we will learn how to do this with Google sync and Facebook calendars. The only drawback is that you will have to do the first one using a MAC computer.


1) You will need to have your MAC powered on and open Safari internet browser and go to the preferences menu.

2) Under preferences, you will need to go to the Advanced settings tab and check the 'show developer menu in menu bar' box and then close preferences.

3) In the safari menu bar, there will now be an option for 'Develop'. After you select this, you should look for the 'User Agent' option and then pick 'Mobile Safari - iPhone. (This lets the websites know that you are using the I-phone browser) If you do not follow this step, you will not be able to access the mobile site in the next step.

4) In the browser search bar, you need to enter and sign into your Google account if you haven't already done so. If you try to access this on your iPad, Google will give you an error message that says Sorry, Google Sync is not supported on this device. But don't worry about that right now.

5) The next step will be to go to the Develop menu again in your Safari browser and then choose the option that says 'Disable JavaScript' and click on the check box.

6) Now, you need to choose to manage your iPad. If you are already using Google Sync on several devices you will need to find your iPad from the list which should show up as the name you have assigned to it.

7) This next part is crucial so remember to follow the instructions exactly. When you get a window where Google says you have the option to sync up to one calendar to your device, IGNORE IT because this tutorial helps you to bypass this limitation. Go ahead now and choose whichever calendars you want to sync to your iPad and then press the save button.

8) When you have completed all of this you can go ahead and undo all the changes made in Steps 3 and 5.

9) Go on your iPad and navigate to again and you should be able to sync all your calendars now.


Our second calendar sync will be with Facebook events and birthdays. Events that you RSVP to as "Maybe" and "Going" will automatically show up in your calendar after this,and the ones you reply to with "not going" will be removed. Past events will not be added to the calendar.

1) Go to your Facebook events page using your computer's browser.

2) On the top right hand side of the screen, click the settings gear and select export events. A window will pop up saying you can export your calendar. Click on the link and you will receive another popup that says External Protocol Request. Look for the website which should look like this XXX. The XXX will be unique to your Facebook Account.

3) Now go to your iPad and go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar. This will allow you to add the Facebook calendar manually without using the Facebook app.

4) In the section that says Server type the address from your computer: that you got in step 2.

5) After entering the URL press next and then after it is verified, tap save.

6) Go to your calendar app and voila, all calendars are synced. With this method, it is possible to sync multiple Facebook accounts as well. With these methods you can sync up to 25 calendars.

Written By: Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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