What is iPhone DFU mode?

iPhone DFU mode
DFU mode or Device Firmware Upgrade mode is a last resort even after soft resets, hard resets, and recovery mode because it is only used when your iDevice is extremely sick or if you want to perform firmware upgrades, downgrades, or jail breaking. It is a mode that you can put your device into, in which it can still interact with iTunes but does not load the operating system (iOS) or boot loaders. This is the big defining factor that differentiates DFU from recovery. You can tell when you are in DFU mode because unlike recovery where there is an image on screen, the iDevice stays completely blank as if it were turned off.

The main reason you would need to use DFU mode is to change the firmware on the device. It is used to downgrade to a previous firmware and operating system or to use a custom firmware which is used when people want to jailbreak their phones. Many people will buy iPhones and jailbreak them in order to use them overseas or to change the carrier because it comes out cheaper than buying them from the carriers they want. Some people simply decide to jailbreak their devices because they are unhappy with the original iOS.

In order to enter the DFU mode on any iDevice there are several steps you will have to follow very closely. It can be tricky to enter so it may take several tries but don't get too frustrated, because if you are planning on jail breaking, it is worth the hassle.

1) First you will need to get your USB cable and connect it to the computer and then launch iTunes on your computer.

2) The next thing to do will be to return the phone off by holding the power button till you get the slider to turn it off.

3) After the phone is off you will need to press the power button and the home button (top right and bottom middle of the screen) for EXACTLY 10 seconds.

4) After the 10 seconds, you will need to release the power button and keep holding the home button for another 7-10 seconds until your iTunes shows a popup message that an iDevice in recover mode has been detected.

5) You will know your iDevice has entered recovery mode because iTunes will recognize it but the screen will remain blank.

6) When in DFU mode, you can press Shift and click on restore in order to navigate on your computer to find an ipsw file in order to restore the phone to a previous firmware or custom firmware to jailbreak it.

Jail breaking your phone can be done using iTunes, however this mode isn't recommended, but you can also do it using a program called red snow or absinthe. There are many options for jail breaking, however that is not something we will get into here.

It is important to remember that if you see anything on screen (iTunes logo with USB cable, or apple logo, or notification messages) you have actually entered recovery mode and not DFU mode. You will need to restart the process till you get it right. If you are having trouble then you will need to try cutting down your 10 second count to 9 seconds because if you don't do it for exactly 10 seconds it will not work properly.

In order to exit DFU mode, there is a simple way. This would be to hold down the power and home buttons again while still connected to iTunes via the USB cable till iTunes shows that there is no device connected. That is when you just turn on the phone by pressing the power button.

Written By: Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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