Why the Seven Chakras in the Body Catch?

To let you know each of the seven chakras is governed by a Deity. To make the chakras strong you need to make the Deities happy who are governing those chakras. The chakras catch and become faulty when you make any of the Deities unhappy by your wrong deeds in life. Generally a normal person can live remain happy in life if he doesn't do anything wrong in life. The Deities are happy and your chakras remain in good shape as long as you don't do any type of sin in life. Even if you don't worship the Deities you are still safe. But once you start doing wrong things in life you will get punished and your chakras will catch and this will make you unfit and problematic.

Suppose you took mantras from a false guru and practice these mantras everyday as instructed by the false Guru or if you smoke too much than your Vishuddhi Chakra will catch. Vishnu Maya is the Deity governing this chakra. She would get angry when you practice such mantras and smoke. You don't know if the Guru you are following is a fraud but Vishnu Maya knows that these false gurus are mesmerizing people and getting them away from spirituality. So she gets angry when you practice mantras given by such false gurus and as a result your vishuddhi chakra catches. When Vishuddhi catches you don't feel like going in collectivity and afraid to go into the crowd like some meetings or marriage parties etc. Sometimes this is the reason that people who have faith in God feel that they have lot of problems in life while others who are just busy in their karmas (duties of life) are happier than them. This is because people who have faith in God are running behind false gurus and causing problems for themselves. They think those Gurus will show them the path of salvation but its not so and they are trapped into the false perception. So it's important that when you want to make the chakras strong you need to avoid mistakes which makes them to catch. You need to have good brain which can decide what is good or bad for you.

Do anything wrong and you will be fired without any warnings. This is the rule of nature. If you have become a miser your Nabhi Chakra will catch and it may give you constipation. Drinking too much alcohol is another cause for the Nabhi Chakra to catch and money should leave your home in that case. Also you must not do anything against your soul for the chakras to not to catch. If you are not relaxed and most of the time in hurry and busy it will raise your blood pressure. So some sort of relaxation is also important in life to keep the chakras strong. Cancer is a major problem and it's mostly due to when you become the victims of fake gurus and tantrikas. If you are hectic you may suffer from blood cancer. So it's important to avoid tantrikas and fake gurus. But if you have already done the greatest of the sins in life than only way to get out and make your chakras strong is through meditation. Once your kundalini power gets awakened and when you meditate it nourishes the seven chakras and as a result you get rid of all the problems associated with those chakras. Just go to learn to meditate for more information on how to meditate and makes your chakras stronger. You should also read about the various qualities of the seven chakras and what causes them to catch to understand more.

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