What are the best places to Photograph in Mumbai, India?

Mumbai, or formerly known as Bombay, is a city of marvel. From heritage buildings to high-rise buildings, from largest slums in the world to one of the costliest residential areas, it is a city of contrasts. It is as simple as it is complex. One cannot leave the city without being spellbound. This city shows a visitor much more than what one expects from it. Mumbai is hardly predictable and is full of surprises. Here are some wonderful places to photograph in Mumbai.

Marine Drive This is the place where Mumbai goes to relax, and what better place to relax than to sit and look at the unending ocean. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You just have to look the other way, literally. You can photograph the setting Sun, the joggers, the walkers, the hawkers, or the sea-facing buildings. There is always more to photograph here. You can look for different perspectives to the same subjects. You can get down and take low angle photographs or you can stand up on the elevated side-walk to take photographs from up there. During high tide, the scene turns dramatic with waves hitting the rocks and splashing water high up the air. To get the whole of Marine Drive in a single photograph, one can shoot from Hanging Gardens in Walkeshwar (watch hanging gardens on youtube). Hanging gardens is situated on top of malabar hill, walkeshwar, from here you can view chowpatty beach, marine drive (also known as queens necklace) & Bombay Skyline. Watch Marine Drive on youtube.

Heritage Buildings South Bombay brings a splendid mix of architectural styles. From Gothic architecture to Neo-Classical and Indian architecture, one can find it all here. The most noticeable building is undoubtedly the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, or popularly known CST (formerly called VT, for Victoria Terminus). One of the finest works of the British architect F. W. Stevens, the Gothic style is clearly apparent in this building which is arguably considered to be the second most photographed building in India after the Taj Mahal located in Agra city of India. The BMC headquarters just alongside the CST is another beautiful piece of architecture from the British era. A walk down the D. N. Road (Dadabhai Naoroji Road), there are several other prominent buildings from the earlier century that now house offices and showrooms of major companies and brands.

Local Trains Carrying more than 6 million passengers daily, it is not called Mumbai's lifeline without reason. It's a sight in itself, to see the trains carrying people much more than their capacity. It is often advised to the novice traveller coming to Mumbai to stay away from travelling in the trains during rush hours. Travelling in Mumbai's local trains takes practice and skill. These local trains harbour a different kind of culture, and photographing Mumbai will never be complete without photographing this culture called the local train. See here the rush on local trains in Mumbai.

Street Photography There are some wonderful places where one can do street photography in Mumbai. One of them is Mohammad Ali Road, the street-food capital of the city, especially during Ramzan time. Other exciting places are Chor Bazaar, Colaba, and Dadar station market.

Nature Photography Every year, from October to March, flamingos come to the mangroves at Sewri (source: wannabemaven.wordpress.com), providing fantastic opportunity to photograph these fabulous birds. If one wants to photograph unique butterflies, then Ovalekar Wadi in Thane is the place to go. Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivli and the Byculla Zoo are two places where one can photograph wildlife. Kanheri Caves inside the National Park is also a great place to photograph nature.

Haji Ali A dargah of the Sufi saint Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhar, it is situated almost inside the sea. During high tide, the causeway gets submerged and the shrine becomes inaccessible. It looks especially beautiful during sunset. Watch Haji Ali on youtube.

Bandra The fashion capital of the city. Linking road, Bandstand, and the Bandra Fort are some places where one can shoot beautiful photographs. Also, from the Bandra Fort, one can clearly see the Bandra-Worli Sea Link which is another marvellous structure that should be photographed to complete your Mumbai photo album.

From Tall Buildings To get a good view of the city, it would be worth it to make your way into some of the tall buildings. The buildings like Sumer Park and La Vision at Byculla offer a great view of Mumbai, from Churchgate to Dadar. Also, the terrace of Sanghvi Hills in Thane, gives you an excellent view of the skyline till Powai.

Written by : Ritesh Saini, IIT Mumbai (India)

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