Why Human Nature and Behavior is different in different People?

To understand the human nature, you need to know that there are seven chakras and a kundalini power inside every human being. Each chakra is associated with some great moral qualities or so called spiritual qualities. To know more about the seven chakras you should go to this Sahaja Yoga page. The nature and behavior of a person will depend on how well developed his seven chakras are. Let me first list the seven chakras from bottom to top in human body as below.

seven chakras in human body

Mooladhara > Swadishthan > Nabhi and The Void > The Heart or Anahat > Vishuddhi > Agnya > Sahasrara

Actually, the problem is that the situation of the seven chakras is different in different people. For example, it may be that one person's mooladhara chakra is strong, while in some other person this chakra may be totally defected. Dignity is a great quality of Mooladhara Chakra and a person with strong Mooladhara Chakra would be highly dignified. While the person whose Mooladhara is not so good or totally defected will lack dignity. These two types of persons may fight with each other if they are supposed to live together, because the person with strong Mooladhara expects dignity (as he himself is dignified), and when he doesn't find this behavior in the other person, with defected or weak Mooladhara Chakra, he is horrified and doesn't like it and as a result they fight with each. However if both the persons have strong mooladhara chakra, both will be highly dignified and would live happily together without any problem.

So the human nature and behaviour would totally depend on the situation of the different chakras in the body. That is also the reason that not every person is capable of doing everything in life. Some people have good brain, as they have strong Agnya Chakra, and as a result they are successful in fields where mind power is required like research, engineering etc. But not every person can become an engineer because they may not have a strong Agnya Chakra. However, it may be they are good to manage people as they might have strong Void or Bhavsagar Chakra, which is the chakra of 10 honest gurus, who incarnated on this earth. You might have noticed females often don't have good brain because they lack the quality to forgive and want to take revenge due to weak Agnya Chakra. People with strong Agnya Chakra have the great qualities to forgive even if someone hurt them. Agnya Chakra was opened by Jesus Christ during his time and he always said to forgive everyone.

If a person has good Vishuddhi Chakra he will always think of others while a person with weak or defected Vishuddhi Chakra will be self centered. That is the reason USA is leading the world and always think of other countries of the world because USA is the Vishuddhi Chakra of world's kundalini. You might have noticed people of Australia are so innocent and dignified as Australia is the Mooladhara Chakra of World's Kundalini. You might have also noticed people of Africa are so creative because Africa is the Swadishthan Chakra of the world's kundalini. Creativity is the quality of Swadishthan Chakra. People with strong Swadisthan Chakra are very creative.

India is the country where world's Kundalini itself resides and that is why India is known to be a place for spiritual evolution. UK is the heart chakra of World's kundalini that's why people there are so open hearted and that is also the reason so much wealth is there.

So now you can understand why the nature and behaviour of each person is different. This is because of the different situation of the seven chakras in different people. You may wonder how one can develop the seven chakras in his body? For that you need to meditate after getting your kundalini power awakened. Also you need to understand the benefits of meditation.

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