How to make a Song your Ringtone for iPhone?

Whoa! That's my favorite song! Let me set that as my ringtone said no iPhone user ever. One of the annoyances many people had with the iPhone was its inability to make a song in your music library your ringtone. I will teach you a couple ways that you could make ringtones for various functions from your iTunes music or music stored on your phone.

The first method we will talk about is using an app to make a ringtone. One of the problems with this is that even though there are tons of apps out there that allow you to create or design ringtones, the majority of them don't have permission to access the folders where ringtones and other tones are saved and so you need to save them as .m4r files on your computer and then later sync them with iTunes as tones to set them as ringtones. There are, however, the few rare exceptions to this rule.

There is a paid app called Apple GarageBand which allows you to make ringtones using your iDevice and then save it directly into the ringtones folder however we don't really want to pay for something we can do for free do we? The free alternative, which is in my opinion, even better, is called Ringtone Maker from Zentertain Ltd.. This app allows you to make an unlimited number of ringtones and has many unique features such as fading in and out and quick saving. It allows you to use any recorded sound as well as audio on your phone and allows you to set the saved ringtones as text tone, tweet tone, alert tone, mail tone, calendar tone, and reminders tone.

The second method we will discuss is done using iTunes on your PC. We can create ringtones in 10 easy steps which we will talk about now.

1) Open your iTunes program and find your favorite song that you want to turn into your ringtone.

2) Secondly, you will need to right click on this song and select the Get Info option in the popup menu. Then navigate over to the options tab.

3) After this you will get a menu with options for volume adjustment equalizer preset, media type, rating, and start and stop times. You should go through and change all the settings to suit your needs. The important thing it to make sure that your start and stop time need to be exactly 30 seconds since this is the maximum time you can use for a ringtone.

4) After you finish customizing all the settings for the audio track, you will need to press ok which will close that window. Navigate to the song in your library again and then right click on the track you edited and select Create AAC Version (this will not delete the original song, so don't worry about that). ITunes will proceed to convert the song which should take no more than 30 seconds. When it is done, you will see two songs with the same name but don't worry; you can tell which is the ringtone because of the length of the track. (the 30 second version)

5) The next step will be to right click on the original song and go back to the options menu to change the start and stop time back to the original times otherwise the next time you play it, you will only hear the selected 30 seconds of it.

6) The next thing we will do it, go back to the 30 second AAC version of the song we created and then right click on it and select the option that says Show in Windows Explorer. This will open up windows explorer with the file highlighted. Right click on the file name and rename it to whatever you want. You then need to change the extension from .m4a or .aac to .m4r (If you cannot see the file name follow the instructions here When you are asked by windows if you want to change the file name extension because it might make the file become unusable just click yes.

7) Double click the file which should open it in iTunes. If you navigate to the Tones section, you will find your ringtone here.

8) Connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.

9) When it gives you the option to sync, navigate to the tones section and select the new ringtone.

10) Lastly, press sync and when it is done disconnect the iPhone. You will find the ringtone on your iPhone in Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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