How to get free apps for your iDevice?

One of the most annoying things about owning an iDevice (all apple products like iphone, ipad, itunes etc) is that you have to pay for a lot of apps (applications). You always have the option of jail breaking your iDevice, however; this will void your warranty with apple. It is great when you can search the apple store and find apps that you need for free, however this isn't always the case. There are options for getting apps you need and want for free legally. I will talk to you about some of these methods. The methods I will talk to you about do not require jail breaking but some will require some patience.

The two three methods we will talk about today are AppShopper (my favorite), Free App Genie and Free App A Day.

The first one is my favorite. AppShopper is a completely free app and is one of the largest application directories. They have a website which you can use to download the apps through iTunes to your pc ( or an app which allows you to download the apps directly to your iDevice. AppShopper is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the apps that have become free or had price reductions. It offers a tracking service which keeps a pricing history of the app you are looking for. It allows you to sign into the app on your iDevice or on the website and gives the option to customize your preferences and desires for apps. It allows you to browse through all the different categories in the same way as you would in the app store and also allows you to choose to browse apps based on the type of iDevice you own.

You can create a wish list and search based on country, language, type, price, and genre. You can follow an app and receive push notifications regarding the apps you have decided to follow. It updates every 5 minutes and will also notify you if apps you have previously downloaded, reviewed, or rated (all of which show in the iTunes store under your Apple ID) have been updated or have had price changes. AppShopper allows you to share information about the free apps with your friends from your pc or your iDevice through Facebook, email, twitter, and Google+. It also allows you to have insider information about new apps under development.

The second option we will talk about is Free App Genie. This is a great app offered for free in the app store which you can find through the link above powered by AppTrakr. The only drawback is that after the first 30 days you will need to pay a $ 0.99 subscription for another 30 days. This is however not all bad because you can think of it as an investment of 99 cents for hundreds of dollars of apps that you would otherwise never know about. AppTrakr is awesome because it only shows free apps and will remove apps from their directory when they revert back to paid in the app store. They have a very large directory of over 400 thousand apps and is updated daily. It also allows you to share the apps with your friends via twitter, and email as well as Facebook.

The last option we will talk about is Free App a Day. This app works in a very similar way to the other two mentioned above. It consists of a website ( as well as a free app available in the app store at the link above. It focuses mainly on games but still does give utilities and other types of apps a spotlight. It also allows you to login with Facebook and create a custom profile to give you a recommended selection of apps based on the criteria you input.

Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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