How to stream Videos to your iDevice from your PC or MAC?

One of my biggest issues with watching movies and music on my iPad is that there are too many people online and the internet is not fast enough to stream movies or music. I found a great solution though to watch them from my desktop in any room of my house. I have decided to share this great secret with you.

There is an app called VLC streamer which is a streamer based on VLC media player which will allow you to play any type of video available on the internet with very few exceptions. It can be bought in the app store ( or you can get it for free if you do not mind some ads ( Today I will teach you how to use the free version. It works the same as the free one but with some ads. We will only be discussing how to use it with a windows PC.

Add files from computer

Firstly, you will need to have movies and music on your computer. The next step will be to install VLC streamer from the app store on your iOS device. The next step will be to use your computer and find the PC app ( and install this on your computer. It is available for both Macs and PCs. When it has finished installing itself, click finish and you will get a screen that says configure the Helper.

Our next step will be to choose what type of media you want to stream, whether it is videos or music. You can use your iDevice or your computer to create a media playlist to stream. If you want to use your computer, you must first double click the taskbar notification icon (bottom right of the screen) which will bring up the VLC streamer window. You then have to select the Conversion Quality button which will give you a drop down menu with the resolutions available for you to stream the movie in. Each of the various settings will allow you to see a detailed explanation which will let you choose the best one for your needs (low to very high bandwidth).

After you have chosen the appropriate conversion quality, go ahead and move your mouse to the Add Movies option to select the videos you want to stream. Another option would be to open the folder on your computer with the movies or music and drag them into the section of the screen that says Drag movies here.

After you have completed this step, you will see the movies in the queued movie box along with a status marked as "processing". It is possible for you to go ahead and stream the movies while processing now however, if you want to avoid the change of any lag in the video, I would suggest that you wait until the video has completed processing and is marked as Complete. You can add as many items as you want to the playlist.

The last step will be to open VLC Streamer on your iDevice and wait for your computer to be detected. It should appear under Visible computers after which, you just need to select it, which will bring up a list of your queued movies. Just go ahead and click any of them to watch them live from your computer.

files from iDevice

If you want to skip the whole computer section of this process, you can also select the movies and music you want to stream directly from your iOS device. The first thing to do will be to install and open the VLC streamer app and tap on the Add a movie option. This will allow you to browse your entire computer for the files you want to watch. After you find your movie, tap it and choose the conversion quality settings like we discussed earlier. You will have the same choices as you would have on the PC version VLC Streamer Helper. If you decide to be more detailed, you can always select the Advanced Settings button and set the video width, video bit rate and audio bit rate from a list of predefined choices. You can also go even more in depth and select the Manual option to change each option manually. Lastly, tap the video and watch your movie.

Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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