How to Maximize your iPads Battery Life?

ipad battery life
The iPad 3 boasts an impressive 10 hours of battery life. Its longevity, however, lasts for varied amounts of time depending on the way that you use it and the settings you have applied. Today we will learn some ways that we can increase the battery life for the iPad.

1) Mail and Calendar Checking

If you use the iPad for emails and calendar (Using Calendar on the iPad: Youtube) functions a lot, then your iPad will try to sync at designated intervals and fetch your mail. The iPad will automatically check for new mail every 15 minutes, however if you don't need mail updates automatically or often, you can go into the settings (Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data option) and change the fetch time to 30 minutes or an hour, or for even more battery maximization, you can choose to check mail manually. This is the best option since you can check for mail when you want to, instead of having the battery drained by the auto fetching service.

2) Brightness

The iPad boasts an auto-brightness feature which adjusts the brightness of the iPad based on the amount of light in the room; however this can actually cause the battery to drain faster if you are moving because of the constant updates. Adjust the brightness on your iPad to about 30 % for maximum efficiency because it is still bright enough to see and not bright enough to blind you. You can find these settings by going into Settings > Brightness and Wallpaper or watch this youtube video guide to adjust brightness in ipad.

3) Wi-Fi VS 3G or 4G

It is always better to use Wi-Fi (problem connecting to internet using Wi-Fi?) when available because it requires less battery power. The iPad will get approximately 10 hours of life while using Wi-Fi and only 7-8 hours while using 3G or 4G data services (according to Apple). You can enable Wi-Fi through: Settings> Wi-Fi

4) Push

Disable push notifications for increased battery life because it does the same thing that mail fetching does. It will check online at specified intervals and therefore reduce your battery life. It is also possible to allow push notifications only for a few apps rather than all of them. You can edit the push settings by going into Settings > Notifications.

5) Sunlight and Heat

It is important to keep your device out of the sun and out of hot places like your car. This is true of almost every electronic device. Heat will suck the life out of your battery faster than anything else. Your device will also lose its ability to hold a charge for long periods of time and will result in you needing to buy a new battery sooner rather than later. It is best to store it in cool dry places.

6) Screen Lock

It is important to remember to lock your screen to preserve battery life. You can either do it manually each time you are done using it or you can go into your settings and edit the auto lock time (Settings > General > Auto-Lock). This makes a significant difference if you constantly check it and put it down (especially for phones).

7) Bluetooth

Most Apple product users don't use Bluetooth devices all the time, however if you do there is something you can do to reduce loss of battery life. It is important to turn off your Bluetooth when it is not in use because it is a battery sucker. When it is on, it searches at specified intervals for other Bluetooth devices and even when it isn't searching it is broadcasting a Bluetooth signal. If you don't use these devices, or the Bluetooth service, remember to leave it off because it will reduce the battery life by up to 4 hours.

8) Updates

I know there are some people out there, like myself who are dedicated to their iOS, however if you want to make sure that your battery life increases, it is important to keep up with your updates for the iPad and iPhone and any other iDevice. This will help you to keep your battery life long and will also ensure that your device is up to date and has the latest fixes and patches that eliminate bugs. This will help your iPad run more efficiently as well.

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Written by : Martin and Jennifer H., Mexico

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