Which Toy Playset is Best if your Child is Obsessed with Thomas?

Thomas The Great Quarry Climb I have done good research and found "Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb" as the best train playset for kids who are mad about Thomas.

Thomas and Friends is a series of television shows in UK based on a series of some story books called as 'The Railway Series' (containing 42 books in this series) written by Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher Awdry. Sometimes human characteristics are attributed to non-living things like an engine. Human face is painted on the engine and it speaks human voice and act as a character in television shows like Thomas and Friends. Blue Mountain Mystery is a movie based on Thomas and Friends released on DVD and Blu-ray in September 2012. Blue Mountain Quarry is a quarry that made its first appearance in Blue Mountain Mystery movie and Thomas and Owen the Traction Engine are the main engine characters in the movie which speak and have a face like human beings.

This portable fold out playset from Fisher Price is completely based on the scenes in the Blue Mountain Mystery movie and includes Thomas and Owen the Traction Engine characters which does all the hard work to load and unload the cargo at the Blue Mountain Quarry. The playset is a nice combination of attractive blue and typical grayish silver shades of colors. The non-train character named as Owen (an enthusiastic Traction Engine with face in white color) can be seen located at the steepest incline in light brown color perched on a grey tower. Nice to see him there pulling the Thomas Engine on the inclined track. Thomas engine cannot rises the steep incline by itself as there is no battery.

There is a cable (along with the set) whose one end can be attached from the magnetic connector attached on front of the Thomas Engine and other end of the cable is wrapped around the lever at the steepest incline where Owen is located. The child needs to push the lever and Thomas would go up with the help of cable. After reaching the top the child need to give Thomas a nudge so that it starts moving down the incline of blue track. While moving downwards, Thomas in the way would pass over a lever that activates the spinning dropsaw (located inside the small orange tower). As a result of this, spinning dropsaw would drop down and fall on a bluestone made from plastic. The spinning dropsaw would do the great job of cutting a slab of the bluestone and this slab (act as cargo) would fall into the Thomas cargo car (trailer at the back of Thomas Engine in the picture).

You need to make the cargo car at the bottom of the spinning dropsaw so that the slab drops on it before starting downward sliding of Thomas. Initially when Thomas is inclined on top this cargo car is not attached with it. Cargo car and bluestone both included in the toy playset. Once Thomas reaches at the bottom he can be made to rotate on tracks by hand and bring on to the turntable located near the orange tower where the cargo was dropped into the cargo car. The base of the turntable where Thomas is resting can be aligned in such a way that the cargo car can be attached to the back of the Thomas Engine and you are ready for the journey again. Check video on right side and that would show the complete working of this fantastic playset from Fisher Price. If your child is obsessed with Thomas this could be the best gift for him. Another great feature of this product is that it can be folded and taken away wherever you want. Hope the review helps.

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