Which is best Kids Toy or Playset based on Mining?

LEGO City 4203 Excavator Transpor I have done good research and I think a toy that is really good to teach kids about mining is LEGO City 4203 Excavator Transport.

Let's do some mining with this Lego 4203 playset. Do you know what mining is? Yes, as you know it the process of extracting minerals and metals by digging deep into the mother earth. You are blessed with metals like gold and silver after the extraction. You could even mine for other metals and minerals as well which are used in various manufacturing and production processes in businesses. This playset from Lego is completely based on the procedure of mining. So whatever toy equipment you need to carry out the mining is included in the playset.

First of all there are two vehicles included in the playset. One is a long transport truck toy and other is the excavator. Excavator is a type of vehicle used to dig the earth, using the detachable drill attached to the arm of the excavator. To dig the earth you will have to first dig the rocks spread over the earth. So two pieces of rocks are also included in the set to be crushed. Each rock is filled with eight gold nuggets. So this is what involved in the pretend play : the detachable drill attached to the arm of the excavator is used to crush the rocks and get gold out of it as the metal. So you can see the excavator is carrying out the mining procedure. The two human figures also included in the playset with one to act as a miner for the excavator and the other one to act as the driver of the long truck which will bring the excavator to the mining place. The excavator toy could easily be fixed and be seated on the back of the long truck.

The cabin of the excavator can be rotated to 360 degree so that excavator can carry out mining in all directions. Since the articulated arm of the excavator is attached to the cabin, it can also move in all directions to dig all over. The roof of the excavator cabin and the roof of the truck cab, both can be opened from above to place one human figure inside each. Doors of the cab can also be opened. The pretend play cannot start unless the Lego pieces are first assembled. The child needs some skills for the building and construction of the playset from its various pieces. Small children may struggle but it should not be difficult for older children using the instructions provided in the two booklets. There is no doubt this playset would surely enhance child's ability to imagine and create. The child would also learn about mining and equipment used to carry out the procedure of mining. There are total 305 puzzle pieces involved in this toy set to be put together and have great fun at the same time. Hope the review would help in some way. Also check the video below for more details.

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