Who or what is Poseidon?

Poseidon is an ancient Greek God. He is often thought of as a God of the sea. He is usually portrayed as looking like a man: but of large build with black curly hair. Although there is not much colour on ancient Greek pottery and so it is natural he would be seen with black hair: they are usually of a ceramic earth red colour with black painted on and so all images on it usually appear as black. He also carries a trident: sometimes Poseidon is symbolised simply by a trident, although Satan also is pictured with a trident but Satan is not directly a part of Greek mythology, or folk tales.

Poseidon is brother to Zeus: the head of all Gods and of men of the ancient Greeks. Poseidon is also very powerful: after all he is God of the sea. It is said that many seamen still worship him today: although in all likelihood they keep a talisman of some kind for good luck. He also was known to enjoy sex with both sexes. He had many sexual partners, and was said to have fathered many heroes.

Among his many exploits he won the heart of a mermaid called Amphitrite; he won her heart with the help of the dolphin king named Delphinus. He also created the first horse. He had been known to punish people by unleashing storms upon them. He was said to reside in Atlantis choosing a mortal woman for a wife and starting the royal line of Atlantis (source:pantheon.org). He also set rules for the royal family of Atlantis to follow.

I suppose the fascination with sea gods and Poseidon is how treacherous the sea is. Also it is of great importance not just from an ecological point of view: the sea makes up three quarters of the Earth's surface and can have knock on effect on the ecological health of the land. Also most goods are still transported by the sea as it is more cost effective than flying them.

Yes it is true to say the sea is almost as important as it ever was. But also having a sea God such as Poseidon was peoples attempt to understand the sea. However we should not be quick to dismiss such beliefs as anyone with any belief will find that it will seem strange to someone. But Poseidon stands in some ways quite separate from many other deities from ancient Greece. He looks like a man, he is in no way part animal: although not all of his children look human. He simply looks as a large strong man. So his control and superiority of the sea can be seen as our view of our superiority over it.

However there is other Sea Gods. Some of these are seen as demi-Gods. But are these other sea Gods just different representations of Poseidon? Are they all the same? Well as there are also sea Goddesses then probably not. But do people still believe in Poseidon? Well yes as occult beliefs based around ancient Greek beliefs still exist. Some would think of him as an elemental: an entity representing what humans believed to be elements, and so the building blocks of everything.

But as elementals are unproven and a part of a belief system for many, then why should not Poseidon be also? People are free to believe in what they want. So is Poseidon a sea God, an elemental, just character from a folk tale? Who knows? What we can say is that he has human form. He looks like us. If he walked down the road next to us: and was the same size: would we notice him? No. He would just look like us. He is one God who could exist and live beside us quite easily. Have we been made in Poseidon's image? Is it not that he is like us, but that we were made to look like him?

Poseidon is also a character in the movie "Clash of the Titans (1981)" which is available on Amazon as instant video.

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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