What is Smart Ass Board Game and How to Play?

Smart Ass Board Game This is a board game which can be played between 2 to 8 players and suitable for kids above the age of 12 years. Infect not just the kids; anyone above 12 years can participate in this very fun like quick party trivia game which you can play about in 30 minutes of time. So what everything included and how to play? First thing include in the game is the board with circulated track pictured on it. A big picture of a donkey with the tail can be seen at the center of the board. The circulated track ends on donkey's tail and that is where the winner would reach (the first to come there).

An instruction sheet also provided to understand how the game should be played. There are also included four packs (decks) of cards. Each pack (deck) of cards has different colors and so those can be distinguished from each other. These four packs of cards are named differently as who am I, what am I, where am I and hard desk card stacks. In every card (in first three decks of cards) there is one question printed along with 10 clues (to the answer) proceeding from most general to most specific and the real answer is also printed at the bottom of each card.

However in fourth deck of cards (hard desk card stacks) there are two questions with no clues but answer to each question is printed at the bottom of each question. You are also supplied with two dices in the game. One is the number dice and the other one is the color dice. The color dice has different colors around it on its different faces. These colors correspond to the colors on first three decks of cards.

Now let's see how the game is played. To start the game someone has to become the start player for the first round and become the reader of the question. The start player will first roll the color dice. Since the colors on the decks of cards correspond to colors on the color dice, the first card on top of any of the three deck cards will be picked according to what color that appears on the visible face of the color dice that was rolled. Once the card is picked the start player would read the first clue printed on the card. Let us suppose the game is played between 4 players. Other 3 players can yell out the answer as soon as they remember it.

But if any of the 3 players answer too quickly and as a result of it answers incorrectly he/she can't answer it again in that round. First player who answer correctly wins that round and get the opportunity to roll the number dice. There are some donkey tokens included in the game which are numbered and come with unique colors as their bases. The winner of the first round (who answered correctly) will roll the number dice and move his donkey token into spaces on the board to reach the tail of the donkey (the end). The spaces moved will be the number of dots that appear on visible face of the number dice being rolled. If none of the three players answered correctly, the card reader would then roll the number dice and he would move his donkey token ahead.

Once first round is over the player next to the start player (from left) would roll the color dice and again the other 3 players will have to yell the answer as soon as they know it. So this process is repeated again and again till any of the player's donkey token reach to the donkey's tail first. Whoever reaches to the donkey's tail first is the winner. You can check the video below to understand better. So this game is all about the memory power and knowledge one has. If you are good at answering questions given in the cards there are more chances for you to be the winner. There are around 500 questions in all the cards and so lot of potential to be played for longer durations. Hope the review would help in some way if not fully.

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