Which Tricycle is Best for Toddlers?

Smart-Trike Tutti Frutti tricycle I have done good research over this and I recommend that you should go with this Smart-Trike Tutti Frutti tricycle for toddlers. Reasons as below.

To let you know Smart-Trike is the manufacturer of this Tutti Frutti tricycle for toddlers. Each of the classic range of their products has won an international award. This is one of the most durable and highest quality tricycle brands in the world. There is no reason not to trust this brand as parents who already bought seems very happy with the quality and usability of the three wheeler toddler cycles. Most important feature of this Tutti Frutti tricycle is that it can be used at 3 different stages of a child's development. When your baby has just learned to sit on the floor independently you can start using this tricycle.

Just make your baby sit on the comfortable seat of this tricycle and strap her/him using the safety waist belt and safety bar. At this stage since your child's motor skills are still weak and also the feet cannot reach the paddles, make use of footrests to rest the baby's feet on them instead of on the pedals. There is a long height adjustable wide grip steering handle attached at the back of the cycle called the parent handle which parents can use to push the cycle ahead or pull it back in case needed. Since it's a steering handle it can even turn the cycle to left or right as needed.

Parents can also make use of detachable canopy to protect the child from sun rays. Younger baby is prone to sun rays but at a later stage canopy can be removed and footrests can be retracted when baby's feet are able to reach the pedals. Even if baby's feet are able to reach the paddles still he/she may not be able to paddle the paddles as motor skills still not developed. So parents can still make use of the long parent handle to push the trike making the baby to paddle deliberately and thus learning in the process.

At the third and last stage parent handle can also be removed when your child is matured enough to paddle the paddles by himself/herself. This is the stage when yout child is driving the trike independently. A handy tipping bucket is also attached at the back of this tricycle and your child can make use of it to place her/his toys in it. So you see her toy friends are also ready for journey along with her. The grips of the front handle are also rigid and child friendly.

Parents can also take the trike outdoor as the double injection rubber wheels are durable and sturdy. The parent handle is also equipped with a fashion printed material bag which can be used to put something in it like water or feeding bottles for outdoor use. The paddles are also non-slippery and make good grip with toddler's feet. This product is made from plastic material and its dimensions are 66.8 x 36.2 x 23.6 cm and weight is 8 kg. Hope the review would help in some way if not fully. Also check video below for more details.

If you are in UK check prices and buy at Amazon.co.uk
If you are in USA check prices and buy at Amazon.com

Please note: Color of the product may vary in the video

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