What are the disadvantages of not getting a College Degree?

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We leave college, with some expectation of what happens after. A lot of jobs used to hire if you have your high school diploma or equivalent. Now, there are growing numbers of employers who require two and four year college degrees even for entry level positions. So, when we decide to graduate from college, either we make the decision ourselves to pursue that higher education degree (college degree), or that expectation is forced upon us by family or friends. Either way, we end up packing our bags and heading for an institution of higher learning.

There are, in my opinion, advantages and disadvantages to not pursuing a college degree. Let's start with the disadvantages. Accomplishing a high school diploma is a huge step in the right direction. Even those who acquire a GED (General Education Development) are really taking a good investment in themselves. However, as afore mentioned, most employers today, will not really look at the application of a prospective employee who has not received a college degree. If they do hire, for the most part, they can pay you less and require the same amount of work and use your lack of college education to back up the minimal amount that you receive in your paycheck.

Another disadvantage to not getting a college education is some degree of socialization and experience that one can only truly gain from college. Are you diligent? Will you get to every class on time and turn in work on time? Will you go to that frat or sorority party instead of to a tutoring session and will your grades suffer? Also there is the answer to the question of, who are we when we are away from our parents and do we like that person? While these ideas seem irrelevant the one thing about a college education is, you find out the kind of person you truly are. While you may be able to do this through other experiences, college is a true tester of character.

There are some advantages to not getting a college degree. To all of those people who were pushed through the door of college and made to graduate with or without their permission, you may agree with the reasons why you don't need a four year college education. First and foremost, there is a huge amount of debt associated with a college education. With student loans and interest rates, you would need to work a few jobs at a time just to pay down the interest. We aren't talking about the principal.

Another advantage to not getting a college degree is that in truth, most people who go through college end up with a degree either they can't use, or they end up working in an area other than what they went to school, making that degree worthless to an extent. There are also alternatives to college that you may not explore if you went to college. There are schools that are considered specialty schools where you don't need to waste time with classes that have nothing to do with what you are there for. For instance, Penn Foster Career School and others have a variety of courses and certificates you can take that will give you the same education and learning experience without the interest incurred with loans. You can work from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

I know a few friends who feel that they wasted there time and money to go to school because either they aren't working in the field they study for or they still, even with a college degree, cannot find work to even begin to pay down their educational debt. I also know a few friends who are not only working in their field of study, but they have found careers that give benefits like tuition reimbursement, that help to pay off their college debt more quickly. So, there are advantages and disadvantages to not getting a college degree. You simply have to decide which road you would rather take to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

Written by: Marquitte Polite, United States

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