Is there such a thing as the Perfect Relationship?

First, let us take a moment to recognize that there is more than one type of relationship to take into consideration when considering whether there is, in fact, such a thing as the perfect relationship. There are:

Parent and child relationship
Dating relationship
Marriage relationship
Co-worker relationship
Teacher and student relationship

What is the definition of a relationship? According to relationship simply means the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people connect. While this is relatively vague it is true. The parent and child relationship is formed most concretely upon the child's birth and that is the relationship through blood. Is this a perfect relationship? Well, some may define this kind of bond as a love and hate relationship. Whether broken trust, disobedience, or rebellion tears down that relationship, it cannot be completely severed due to blood lines. He or she is still the son or daughter to the overbearing, or distraught or outrageously strict parent. We all think that we will have or do have the perfect relationship with our parents or children, but each side will tell a story that seems to contradict the other in most cases.

In the dating relationship, based on definition the thing that connects the two people is what keeps them together or tears them apart. Whether its similarities or differences, physical attraction , or societal status, that is the connection. But in this type of relationship, are there really ties? You meet today and break up tomorrow and there is no blood loss like there is in family relationships. So, is there a perfect dating relationship? Well, some claim that they were the perfect couple, but does perfection lead to together forever?

The marriage relationship is a bit stronger than dating because, while this covenant is under fire in today's society, should still be held in the sight of God as a promise made between a man and a woman until death do you apart. But is there a perfect marriage? The rate of divorce is climbing at a rapid pace and vows don't seem to mean what they meant to our parent's parents. But, there are those love stories out there that you hear of the man and woman that loved each other from the moment they met and continued in that love as they had a family and grew old. While this is the fairy tale that some of us dream of, it doesn't happen for all of us, but I will concede that it does happen.

The co-worker relationship in my opinion remains glazed in a superficial pleasantries. Most of the co-workers that we mingle with, in the lunch room, and talk to on our break, would not be invited into your personal life away from your job. I guess this would be answered on a case by case, but to say that there are perfect coworker relationships, would be inconclusive. But I am sure that in some working environment, they do exist.

Teacher and student relationships have been twisted into some deviant ugly lusts that have ruined real families here in America in the past twenty years. This relationship between the teacher and pupil was once a cohesive one. Parents trusted that there children were being taught by knowledgeable and respectful teachers and in that sense, knowledge was that which connected them and it was to a degree, perfect. Now, as a parent on the sidelines, I wonder if that relationship is as perfect as it should be.

The friendship relationship is something somewhat different from the other classes of relationship. A friend, according to is described as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. This kind of relationship is up for further scrutiny in my opinion. True friends, as described in its definition remain friends through hardship, heartache, disagreement, time, space, lifestyle, and life altering events. A true friend, that connection, will remain without fail. This in my opinion is the perfect relationship. Some who believe in God will say that the relationship that Jesus Christ has with us is the perfect relationship because Jesus loves us so much, that he died and rose so we would live and be free. This belief, while not shared by everyone, would indeed be the perfect relationship.

Written by: Marquitte Polite, United States

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